Training 11 July

It’s flipping cold.

Most of the group on second oval, doing full ground stoppage drills. Focus on getting the ground organised quickly. Going okay this far.


Tell us more

NewLAV out there?


I didn’t see him, but he may have been a bib.

Parish not in match sim. Testing out his thumb.

Raz on the rehab oval with Brown and McKenna.

Smack dropped a sitter in the goal square.


Myers wont play this week. Just said hes done - crook calf its tight and he cant move without pain.

Zmerrett calf taped, said it’s a bit sore so hed going in now. Think he may be in doubt.

Fantasia said he may be back this week


A bib, please


Zacka doing some work with tne main group. Good to see.

Thanks guys!

Wow, we’d have a battle on our hands this weekend if Raz doesn’t get up and both Myers and Zerrett are out

Would think Parish replaces Merrett, Mutch or Clarke for Myers.

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Too cold for me.

No NewLAV.

Lots of calf injuries this year, either strains or “got a kick in the calf”.

Clearly not old man injuries. Maybe ankle tapping is the new jumper punch, or preparation has not adapted adequately to less rotations in game.

Fark we are going to be running a second string side on the weekend.

It’s okay. Gold Coast couldn’t beat time with a stick.

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So out Ambrose stringer Myers zerret brown McKenna, no Fanta, oh my

Dea, Frang, Clarke, parish, Draper, mutch?

Frang hooker DEA
Saad Hurley McGrath

Bj hepp long
Draper Clarke parish

Smith smack bags
Tippa tbell langford

Mutch Colyer mcniece Guelfi

Goose down puffer jacket !

He ■■■■■ me no end at times, but it’s weeks like this I’m glad BJ is still on the list.

Has a big role to play on the weekend


Sounds like plenty of changes this week. Stringer, Myers, Ambrose minimum and potentially 1-2 others.

Let’s go full top up team, All the depth!!!

Is Joey training?