Training 11 July


Myers was always going to struggle. Sore in game, short break.

Zerrett (and Hep) had immense workload given those who normally give chop outs were missing - Raz / couldn’t do so. - Myers, Stringer, Guelfi

We will no doubt err on side of caution with him.

Play the kids calls may well happen this week.


What a ■■■■ season


So what I make of this training report is that we trained in cold weather when it’s going to be warm on the Gold Coast.

Sack everyone!


Poor management again!


U guys realise its not warm up here.
Anyone going to the game rug up. Metricon is not a fully enclosed stadium its going to be cold!


this explains alot


Melbourne 14/4
GoldCoast 21/9

It’s a stinker up there mate.


I’m loving it.


I am too, but Nino prefers to throw his toys out of the cot when we have a set back.

Plenty of opportunities left this season also…
-break the Sydney curse
-another crack at the Hawks
-return game against Rich to see how much we’ve learnt from Dreamtime.
-Port away…maybe deny them Top 4/Home Final


Clarke back in!
Smash whoreforn!


I suspect “rug up” in Qld means, put some clothes on.

To be fair it is a night game, so will be cold by Qld standards as it dips towards 10 C, with a bit of a breeze to boot.


Supposed to be a minimum of 6 on Saturday


Some dude on twitter was at training.

Reckons Smith and Parish had a bit of a barney preseason.

Today he reckons he heard Smith call Darcy a fk head because darcy had a shot for goal when Smith kept calling for a pass and was ignored.

Lol Smithy ,even a crunt to his team mates!!!


I love it.


Yep- cold Sat night. Have just returned from the UK where it was unseasonally warm so will get some use of my ‘new’ thermal gear at the game👍


I’m not sure if you are serious or not but I have seen enough improvement to be very optimistic of our future.

This year I have seen a side that with a bit of luck can compete for a flag next year.


Carrara forcast is currently 21/3.

It is warmer closer to the sea…


Look if u go in you essendon bikini u will freeze your ■■■■ off. At 725pm on Saturday night its going to be cold! Rug up have fun!


I am always serious.


Less luck bottom of the ladder and sorting out draft picks in the middle of May for next year.