Training 13/11/ 2023

sounds like you’re projecting a little

not everyone in the country experiences your inability to understand moderation


Projecting or you mean generalizing…
Not everyone go to a pub for booze correct, but thats not what pubs are made for.

Plus I didn’t say anything about me not drinking in moderation this is you making these outlandish statements about me tsk tsk :joy::joy:

No good being a tea totler and professional if you cant get a kick. Majority of the games greats drank in and out of season.

Optics is an illusion if there’s no substance behind it.


Word of the week OPTICS :joy:

Remember hearing Lloydy on Dylan Buckley’s podcast. He said to Hird when he (Lloyd) was young, he said he wasn’t going to drink, he’ll stop drinking alltogether.

Hirdy said to him ‘you don’t need to be like that. If you just have one or two, and you’re prepared to turn up on good nick in the mornings and do your training, don’t feel bad about having a drink.’


Clearly Hird wasn’t willing to make the necessary sacrifices to lead an AFL Lifestyle. No wonder he never made it.


This is exactly my reaction to hearing a teenager boycotted their Year 12 Formal to train. You can certainly be dedicated to your sport aswell as enjoy life It’s all about balance.


what about the days vander used to rock up at the coach&horses pub on friday nights late to have a few and then play a blinder on saturday


Too many beers is going to cause weight gain

Silly lads.

Should be just having vodka soda’s (for optics & schweppervescence) and doing coke in the cubicles. Good times and calories being burnt with elevated heart rate

And don’t think this ain’t common place in AFL world

But seriously, they live a demanding life as is, having a beer or 3 in public should not ever be an issue. Except if it’s night before a game or when returning from injury


We’ve discussed the relevance of beer, boxing, KFC, weight training, socialising, gambling, going to rock concerts, Ibiza, haircuts, too skinny, fatness, instagram and knitting patterns, but the enormous elephant in the room with regards an appropriate AFL lyfestile is SEX.

We have never to my knowledge analysed SEX and the professional athlete. Thankfully, the players are not robots.

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Actually, having kids during the season might interrupt sleeping patterns. Pretty unprofessional.

It’s such a tough one imo. So much of it is about perception. They’re paid big bucks to hold themselves to elite standards. We have been a historically ■■■■ team who almost everyone who has come and left us, has called out for having poor standards.

Is a couple of drinks going to really impact anything? If you ask me, a couple of drinks over a couple of hours is absolutely negligible.

From a perspective standpoint though, if we talk the talk, we have to walk the walk… it’s not a great endorsement of the mindset of the players if they are hellbent on committing to an elite AFL lifestyle… Particularly given our mediocrity over the past 20 years.

Its ultimately a non-issue for mine, but it certainly isn’t a glowing endorsement either that players are all on board with the elite AFL lifestyle that they have committed themselves to through the media.

I’d love, for once, to have a team of players who are AFL maniacs like Zach Merrett. Is it sustainable? Who knows, but it’s probably our best chance at getting success in the near future.

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First young player to have a nightmare when the season starts is going to cop it.
“It must have been you on the turps you farkin alcoholic baztid, you let your mates down.”

It should be micro analysed and scrutinised.
Our father son academies are absolutely putrid because players aren’t willing to adhere to the AFL lifestyle.

Glad you bring up Zach as I wonder if any of the reactions would be as strong if one of the players was Zach for example.

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I would think stronger. He is the captain and the biggest driver aside from brad of the elite AFL lifestyle. The disappointment would be doubly strong.

Then it’s a problem with that person or those people, not with Zach.

Perhaps he didn’t actually want to go to his Y12 formal?


God knows i didn’t.

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Maybe. Maybe not. The mental aspect is huge, and if that extra training session if coming about because of fear then perhaps not.