Training 15th July

Bit of a wild goose chase so far.

Bulldogs are training at Southport Sharks today. I was told by a staff member at the Mantra that Essendon are training at Royal Pines.

Just got here and Fark Carlton are training. Not sure yet if there is a second oval here or if we’re training later.

I was told the scratch match this week will be 2pm Friday at Southport Sharks


There are 2 spare ovals outside Metricon. Maybe we’ll train on one of those, or maybe after blues have finished at RP?

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Thanks. I’ll go and have a look at Metricon and come back here later if there is nothing on over there

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I feel like playing golf now though. Course looks good as usual :joy:


It’s only a 5 minute walk from RP to Metricon isn’t it?

Looks good but I couldn’t ever get over the lake on that short par 3.

Doing the hard yards aboods. For every blitzer in the country.


I think so.

Earlier this week someone mentioned something about us training at night, to learn the greasy conditions.

Its it possible that we’ll be at Southport Sharks later on?

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Nah we’re on royal pines. They trained there at night on Monday.

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Sounds like there’s a little bloke on your shoulder when you play golf, and he is telling you what to write even now.

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Nothing happening at Metricon. Looks like Gold Coast are setting up to train. I’ll head back to Royal Pines later. Hopefully we’re training there from around lunchtime.
Fark Carlton didn’t look like it was a full session. Seemed to be 2 groups of 8 or 9. They play Sunday so their main session is probably later in the week

yep that and I’m just really crap at golf.

Are you going to give us a summary of FCs training? Cheer every time one of their players is carried off.


You just got punked


Haha…I didn’t watch that closely.

Training just starting at Metricon now


Pre-emptive response to your upcoming report:


Daniher is here but not in training gear.
Getting a rub down by the looks.

McKenna walking laps. I think he’s got a bit of strapping on the fingers but hard to see.

Heppell doing handball drills with Shiel and McBride I think. No moonboot.

They just got around someone and had a big cheer. Suspect it’s Cahill.

Edit: Herald sun guys near me just confirmed it’s Cahill. Sounds like Bulldogs might have a debutant too the way they’re talking.

Note: the Herald sun guys are from Adelaide. Happy to be here on one hand but disappointed to be away from their families and they don’t seem too excited about today’s news re clubs being up here for the rest of the season


And it’s a beautiful sunny day. 18 degrees. Little bit of wind.

They’re warming up for match sim. Blue v Red. Red looks to be mainly the 1’s