Training 16 August

Saad looks fine.
BJ too.
Hooker on light duties.


Is Hooker’s injury the same as he had at the end of last year? IIRC it too was bone bruising of the knee. Maybe it is a wear and tear thing that comes on late in a season.

I’m not a doctor, but I’d say last year was a hot spot on his shin. He was on the AlterG the week of the game.

This year could just be bone bruising.


Thanks! Any other signs of who might or might not play from drills/groupings etc?

Okay I’ll just ask - what’s Daniher doing?!


I would’ve thought this would be the absolute 1st thing anyone would report on…

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You’d think they’d train on the MCG sized oval just this once, wouldn’t you?

Big game coming up on the 'G but it’s “too far to walk”…

Pathetic. Carlisle was right.


No sign of Joey. Someone else may have.

Haha, they did train on the G.


Woosha said it’s a “light” week for Joey.
I think decoded that means that if the lights go out on our year tomorrow, that’s it for him.

No offence - but did you start this thread for a reason?
Are you going to tell us anything??


Some people saying Goddard didn’t really finish training? Did he seem hampered to you?

Why would they make him do full session?

Looked good from early part of training, did enough most likely then back off track again.

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Do they actually “train” or come out just to check if they pulled up OK from the last game.

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That’s what I wasn’t too sure of.

If he looked okay, and didn’t look noticeably sore.

I suppose the same could be said for Hooker then too.

Difference between competing part of the training session then going in early and not participating with the main group at all. Either way, I’d expect they’ll give Hooker until tomorrow anyway.

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Seeing as you asked…

Just a bit of a kick around before I left. All looked well in order. Dea, Leuey, Ridley, Green were all there, so obviously keeping the options open.

Nothing else really to report from my end. Others who stayed longer can post in here.


Today would be a captains run no?

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Has to come in for Raz