Training 17-1-18

Had a little bit of a peek but didn’t stay long - some more match simulation whilst joey was practicing goal-Kicking on the 2nd oval and kicking pretty accurately - unlike last year he has done the majority of the sessions which is pleasing.

Heppell was particularly vocal and really instrumental in calling plays during match simulation as was BJ.

Stringer ran laps on the 2nd oval whilst match simulation was on. Smith and saad were training fully and looked sharp.

Ridley was in runners having a kick with one of the trainers.

Didn’t see Francis, Zac Merrett, Myers or colyer.


What about Mason Fletcher? I need to know!

Was training.


I saw some charcoal on the side of the road. May be franga, he is that cooked.


Francis not mentioned RIP!

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Training today continued with the themes from last week. The AFLX in your backyard but only handballs. The multi accelerating sidesteps, lightning reactions and bullet handpasses from McGrath were scintillating, he will make a great midfielder very quickly. Laverde crunching people and showing great intent. Sam Draper barged a couple of guys then took two bounces along the wing much to the delight of some spectating teamates, he’s coming along nicely.

One new drill today working on contested footy. One player lay on the ground holding the footy in and the opposing player had to try to get it off them by brute force or flipping them over. Exhausting stuff in the 32 degree sunshine. Conor McKenna is very strong for his size.

Match simulation had a stoppage focus. Ball up then cleared by whichever team won the ball, then a coach somewhere else on the ground would hold up a ball and the players had to run and set up for a new ball up.

Adam Saad took off then kicked inboard over a pack running towards goal, Dylan Clarke beat everybody and snapped the goal.:smiley:

Mason Fletcher mostly observed and talked to coaches. I did see him take a run and kick at one point, both the running style and kick looked very familiar.

I didn’t see Gleeson until the end. I think he’s been doing weights, looks in good nick.


Thanks hambo - did you see any of Francis, Myers, colyer or Zach Merrett? Didn’t see those guys on the track.

Love your work, Ham.

Any training news is good news.


No I didn’t see any of them either. Bags and Gleeson showed up later and did not participate in the drills. Think they are focussing on other stuff.

Colyer is in WA. Well, he was last weekend anyway. Seems odd

for those who have been to training. Has Hooker been doing lots of goalkicking practice?

Loving the contested ball and defence focus this pre seaosn. should see a more harder defnisve minded Essendon in 2018

Wasn’t Colyer in a moon boot last week? I thought someone commented last week that it would come off in about a week and there weren’t any concerns about him. Maybe they decided to give him a chance to spend some time at home

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Yes I saw him on Friday in a moon boot.

I’d say that’s the case, but yeah he was definitely over here

Thanks for the report Hambo and WD! How did Parish and Langford look? And how do you guys view them in regards to this years 22? I feel like we need both to really step it up a level on the inside if we’re to be a contender.

Both look fit. Parish’s body continues to develop and looks to be notably bigger.

Langford is a lovely size and looks very fit. Hopefully some of his strong vfl form translates into the afl in 2018.


Love the reports guys, thanks again.

Just on Laverde, is he mostly training with the forwards this pre-season?

Yes as willie notes Parish is bigger also saw him take a great contested mark in the forward line. He’s definitely in my team. Langford looks kind of the same to me and hasn’t really stood out that I have noticed other than hearing him say some words of encouragement.