Training 18th December

Conditions: HOT … DAMN HOT.

Wandered along for a pre-Xmas gander this morning. Sensible sun hat - check. Factor 50 sunscreen - check.

I wont go in to too much detail as the more regular Training posters probably will but I will make a few observations.

Went along to primarily check out our new draftees in action for the first time & wasnt disappointed although my attention was primarily drawn to just 1 of them.

The main drills involved some short repeat sprint sessions, some half-ground match play involving 3 rotating teams with one team taking it in turns to do goal kicking on the Oval 2, some running only players doing laps & the ‘others’ doing cross-training bikes, ropes, boxing etc.

Those players primarily doing laps only were Goddard, Hocking, Baguley, Hams, Colyer, Bird.

I should also say that one of the things that just struck me straight away was … NO FLETCH … To me it just stuck out & didnt seem right.

Anyway … one of the first players to notice was Gach, Gack or just Todd. He is a tall kid. Wouldnt describe him as ‘gangly’ but an athletic mover. He was prominent in many match-drills & often drifted forward although with not great aplomb.

Speaking of nice-moving bigs … Loonyburger was more athletic than I had believed him to be & you could tell he will bring some experience with him as a ruck option. Wouldnt be surprised to see him keep Belly out of side in 2016.

Wasnt difficult to pick Darcy Parish out. Blond hair. Lime boots. Watched him closely & no question when he has it in his hands he disposes of it really well & looks to have that innate ability to read the play well.Good mover. Smooth as silk. Lots to look forward with him. Can see why some say he will still need to develop his tank but that will come over the next few years.

The 1 who for mine sticks out as a potential star without a doubt is Aaron Francis. You can already tell that the build on this kid will see him develop into a true Key Position Player. His marking in the ‘match-drills’ was first-rate … he looked like he was picking plums off a tree. He did miskick a few times with defensive disposals but he just looks like a footballer. Not sure whether he was a bit ‘muscle-tight’ or was part of his program but he did leave the main group to do some short kick drills with a trainer then ran timed half-laps before going indoors.
Am already prepared to declare this kid will be a huge key to our future success. Genuinely made me smile to see his potential.

Others that looked like they were going well were Langford (though got a major spray from Coach for his lack of effort in one drill), Laverde looking a little leaner perhaps, Hurley, Hooker, Smack, Stanton. Big Joe was in everything & Gleeson looks as though he’s put on about 300 grams.

Captain Jobe was smiling, looking & sounding like he was having fun again enjoying his footy.

Will try & add a few pics if I can & add more as it comes to mind.

Calling it … Francis = Star.

Francis lives!!!

Toot Toot … All aboard.

Gleeson… 300 grams!? Don’t tell Gerard Healy!


Geeez I’m excited. Thanks for the update.

thanks TWS. this is good.

Brilliant, thanks

Beat me to it!
Also braved the heat and made the trek out to watch the boys in super sunny conditions this morning. Was no excuse though as they were put through a grueling session that went well past quarter to 12.
Fair to say they are smashing them hard before the festive break.

Before anything else I have to say we are pretty spoilt here on Blitz with our training reports. When you’re there to see it for yourself you can really appreciate the detail Jackie, Ant and Ben etc give in describing the drills undertaken. We get such an accurate account and I hope after last weeks thread the aren’t put off.

Running the boundary today were Bird, Hocking, BJ, Francis, Baguley and Trav. Heppell didn’t train but was there watching alongside 3 jackets Dodoro who was rocking a polo today.

As mentioned in weeks prior the drills were mainly done in 15-20 minute blocks. Like last week the main drill focused on ball movement from end to end with the boundary line being brought in making it more congested. There were 3 groups with one of the groups defending, one with the ball and the other spending time on the other oval doing some skills work/forward line work from what I could see.
The groups seemed to be mixed up which was difficult to follow but some players who I thought stood out here were Gleeson who dared to take the game on with run and longer kicking and McKernan who shows a real appetite for hard running. Darcy already looks comfortable out there and like Zerrett more often than not picks the right target and executes. Browny played forward here for those wondering.

Afterwards the players were grouped again this time the focus on handballing and defensive pressure. At one end of the ground there was 4 groups with two defensive sides and 2 offensive sides on either side of the 50. The offensive team was to run, carry and handball their way about 40 metres through the defensive pressure with the defensive sides pressuring by pressing up in numbers to make it hard on the team with in hand. Woosha was quite vocal a few times here demanding for the defensive side to move and press up. I thought Jackson Merrett was good with his run in this drill breaking through a few tackles, while The Langford showed some classy decision making when being heavily pressured. Tippa was another who looked sharp and made things happen with his run. The coaches would’ve loved his defensive application too.

After being smashed with some presumably 200 metre sprints they moved into another handball drill which was mentioned in last weeks thread as being similar to the Barcelona tiki taka and I would agree with that. The aim for the offensive side was to make 10 handball in a row flicking the ball around to move the defense, while the aim for the defensive side was obviously to course the turnover or stoppage.
This drill was exhausting with the groups split into 3 and rotating by finishing their offensive set and then sprinting to pressure the 3rd team who had already began their handball count at the other end which was about 25 meters away.
Shaunaye was completely stuffed at this point and needed a bit of pushing but Tippa was excellent and caused a few defensive spill which was good to see.

Otherwise there was a lot of work being done on the side lines using battle rope, the boxing gloves, spin bikes etc. Was a grueling session and hot enough for me just standing out there.
Hopefully make it to a few more in the new year.

Not having to answer a question at the AGM seems to have freshened Francis up.

Also worth mentioning - Joe is looking every bit an AFL sized key position player now.
The size is coming!

Gach Nyuon - who needs Paddy Ryder?


Gleeson.. 300 grams!? Don't tell Gerard Healy!

So he had steak for lunch?

When Joe grows, I grow :wink:

Gach Nyuon - who needs Paddy Ryder?

Man Zaka looks like the hulk in that first picture, massive gains!