Summarise Blitz in one screenshot …


It seems like aeons ago now, but I recall 2 of our best tacklers in the recent past had a technique which worked well, in regards to making the umpire give a HTB with prior opportunity every time. Tippa and Smith would open their arms for a step then close them like a bear trap.

Last season a number of clubs evaded our tackles with ease by spinning out as soon as they felt contact. Our only player who could do that was Perkins.

I am unable to say if the spinning “brush off” worked against all teams, or just against us, but I think we need to develop better technique, notjust pump weights.


If we’re that desperate then the Photoshopper can surely put the flag in a pic and we can kid ourselves even more.

They’ve probably gone straight from upper body in the gym to doing some drills. Hence they look completely jacked.

Just for reference….
They usually do gym work after the training session. Not before.
But that may be different in preseason.

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Come on, Ant - go talk to Gadget.

Talk about conspiracy theories! They look fitter and bigger cos for the first time they are working their ar$es off pre pre season. Add to that fact young lads hitting prime. Its hard for us blitzers to accept that things may be on the up, i get it, but try to appreciate they doing hard yards and its paying off. Apart from the odd beer ide say, diet finely tuned and they actually being professional. And bingo, look like a solid outfit. Oh, world is flat, just sayin

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But the camera has been set to a high shutter speed - iso up around 1600.

I’m about 25kgs over weight but would looked ripped doing curls with the right set up.

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Oh look at you bragging slim boy. Only 25kg overweight.

Now if they’ve got a camera that’ll take 35kg off, as well as 35 years off, can replace hair and recolor what’s remaining and smooth out 20-years of frown lines caused by an underperforming football team, I’ll buy a photo.

Hell, I’ll buy the camera.


Don’t think. Do!

Can’t tell if Scott is dressing for the job he wants or the job he has.

One hundred posts in this thread and still no mention of Hunter. Has he gone MIA?

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Flying around the radar for round one my friend

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Two posts later Hunter gets his first mention. Not MIA but like Menzie is a forgotten and unknown quantity.

Like many others, I have been suckered into thinking the players were primed for more improvement than what has been dished up.

There is little doubt that this playing group has more talent than the previous 15 years. Unfortunately, a lot of teams also seem to be primed to kill it over the next 5 years (Brisbane, farkcarlton, colliwobbles). Relativity is obviously the key with player group development. After 2000 I think we all thought we were ready for a dynasty but then Brisbane were just so much better.

The big difference for efc at the moment is our coaching and admin. I am all in on Scott and the entire off field operation is clearly more stable than recent history. I didn’t realise how much impact it could have on performance until some infamous president and CEOs had their way with the club.

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For me the forgotten guy for perhaps the back half of the season until now is setterfield, he had such a positive impact on our midfield in the first few games


Regarding the training tops, i know thw guy that selects the final colour at the club & he said it was between orange or purple as the options that was laid out!

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We need another serious key forward, a 190cm, 90kg+ beast of an inside mid and we should be looking good. Next trade period will be interesting. Good run with injuries is needed too.

So you don’t have any joint pains hey?

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Bugger, the aching bones are such a godamn constant, I forgot about 'em. Yeah, and the urine stream ain’t what it used to be either, but I guess no one really wants a photo of that.