Training 24/4/17

Training in sunny conditions at the TVSC I’m not a great observer so bare with me

Pretty light run. I don’t think I saw Hurley and Heppell did some handball work out the front of the hangar. Focus was on quick ball movement through the middle with short precision kicking and handball through the middle. Francis was quite often the deepest forward and the boys got around him when he would kick one. Walla, colyer, fantasia and green all looked good, especially trav. He barely missed a shot

They then did a drill and broke into threes with quick handball at a stoppage. The mood during this was very upbeat and vocal, joe was fkn loud. Heard many times “outnumber at the contest boys” and it would finish with a shot at goal. Mcneice fkn drilled one from 50 much to the pleasure of the group

Goal kicking to finish with orazio staying out a extra 20 minutes having shots. He kicked a remarkable goal from the Etihad oval to the mcg oval goals at the hangar end

All in all, the mood was good. They are ready


Great report! Everything we need to know, nothing we don’t.

I was there for a while. They came out at 10.45 and i left at 11.30.
Hurley was definitely training all of that time.
All 23 were there (Bird included).
Heppell stopped a bit early and was signing autographs and getting photo


Lol. Not farkin’ likely.

Apart from that, thanks for your observations WOB.


I think WOB is hoping the girls at the Royal will bare with him tomorrow.


Doesn’t find it that hard to bare, apparently.

Great report WOB. No Hurls has me anxious… this is our year. Would be glorious for one of the returning players to win the medal on top of a 4-6 goal win

Thanks WOB. You have captured the mood, which sounds upbeat. The boys sound like they are ready,as in quietly confident. Good stuff.

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I worry that we’re training​ for dry weather again :no_mouth:

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Apparently he was out there. Maybe I’m still drunk


They are ready!

But, how ready? Time and time again on Anzac Day, we fail in this area to be ready for anything Collingwood bring at us, and this is why I’m not expecting a win tomorrow.
Please prove me wrong Bombers!!!

We should’ve hired some fire trucks from Tullamarrine airport to provide rain and some fire retardant spray for extra soapy conditions.


shut up Heath Shaw.



Thanks heaps WOB!

Highlight of the day

said to hep “mate, ya gotta give me a spell. I’ve flown here 6 times for Anzac Day for one win, it’s killing me”

He replied with " fucken hell mate yeah that’s pretty ordinary, but don’t worry we are due mate"


That’s why he is Captain. Because I would have said “So it’s your fault you C***, get your fat ■■■■ back to the west”


Just saw the last 5 minutes of Bulldogs training. I was there with a Collingwood supporting mate.
There were 3 other fans watching, but I couldn’t tell which clubs they support.

They had a couple of wheelie bins.
Crameri wasn’t sighted.
My Collingwood supporting mate asked Beveridge how Cloke is and he was disappointed with the “he’s coming along” response.

All in all, it was pretty exciting stuff!


Meaning ready to win I hope WOB. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report.

(just while I think about it, did any Blitzer in/from Tassie fly over on Friday morning to meet up with their Collingwood supporting cousin from WA?).

Nice work WOB. You’re owed an ANZAC day win. Hell, we all are.