Training 29/04/17

Largish crowd at TVSC today in overcast conditions to see the boys run around for an hour or so.

Notable omission was Ambrose who has been confirmed out injured by AFL, with Dea the replacement.

Stanton, Francis and Leuey trained with the boys so assume they are having a week off footy.

Training started with some full ground kick to kick just to get the legs turning over, followed by some agility type drills in close. The voice seemed up amongst the group throughout this.

The boys then moved into a full ground match simulation drill taking it from one end the the other as fluently and fast as possible. BJ really stood out in the drill with his bullet kick outs. Raz, Walla and Green were all slotting goals from everywhere. I cringe every time I see Hooksy break out of a canter into a sprint. Most awkward running style ever. McNeice shanked a couple badly during this drill, as did Frang.

After that drill the boys finished with some in close reflex drills. Raz stood out as the smart ■■■ of the group. Taking the ■■■■ out of himself and others. The group seemed extremely upbeat and full of energy.

First year members were treated to a meet and greet with Hepp and BJ to get memorabilia signed. Woosh also popped over for a chat and some photos.

Raz stayed out after training taking more shots on goal which was good to see. Leuey and Frang also stayed out completing extra running drills.

All in all a great morning at TVSC. Go Bombers!


Thanks Lefty.

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What the hell did they do to him?



Hope it’s minor with Ambrose. That guy is important.

I thought I saw him hobbling a bit towards the end of ANZAC day

Edit: although I notice the website says it happened at training.

Looks like Lukin got to him.

Francis has a tendency to shank it when he tries to drill a pass low and hard. I’ve seen him do it quite a few times.

This is the sort of thing l was looking forward to, it tells me the team is primed.


Thanks for the report Hurleys left boot.

Nice to hear that their upbeat.