Training - 8/1/18

Look out DJR, “MattPocok live from the Hangar”. Is good.


@MattPocock18 doing his apprenticeship for the @theDJR role in VFL matchday threads.

The call style is eerily similar.


Odd request, I know, but any one-touch ground ball pick-ups from a rookie?


ear-wormed. jerk.

That’s only just a hint of Lavender…

Get thee to the Music Quiz thread, then.

Drinks break.

Incidentally, still the 2017 training guernseys. Haven’t got the new ones yet.

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Happy to do VFLW. I learn from the best.

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Frang has returned. Looks down.

Appears to be match sim now.

Parish now a tackling animal.


Good D, Dea.

Raz up the ground. Beautiful speed and pass.

Gleeson very composed.
Stringer moving well, kicking a worry. Kicks mungs
Ambrose fantastic handball out of trouble.
Lavender wins a 1v1, good handpass to Parish. Goal.
Smith and Stringer a bit fumbly at stoppages.
Saad breaks traffic well.


Hurley now jogging. Most likely part of rehab.

Stringer looking a lot better now. Two great passes.

Daniher’s hands… I’m salivating.



Match sim on main oval over. Running now.

Report on individuals:

Stringer - spent most of his time as a mid, some really good and some not so good. Can kick a few floaters, but kicked a couple lace or to JD. A bit fumbly at stoppages, otherwise pretty good.

Smith - like Stringer, a bit fumbly, though a better kick. Needs to get the ball moving quicker.

JD - hands look so good now. Ready to be a Top 5 player.

Clarke - still kicks a couple of bad ones, but better.

Saad - moves so well, and can still use it well under pressure. Needs to talk a bit more.

Lavender - after the Garmin incident, he looks okay. Competes, and has good skills when his confidence is up. Won the 1v1, picked up a half volley, handpass to Parish for a lovely goal. I like the look of him.

Parish - looks to have gone to another level. Defensively a lot better, tackling really well at stoppages. Still flunks the odd kick, but it does look better. Look for a big year from him.

Raz - looks super fit after the scope. Expect more time up the ground for him.

Longy - appears to have stopped playing the hero, and today did the basics very well. Looks fitter, too.

Gleeson has been mentioned on here, he’s in our best team. Composed, and appears bigger.

Draper - Big Sammy, I love Sammy. Wasn’t outdone by Belly to badly in contests. Needs more confidence in his body and voice. I know, he’s 20, but you’re 6’9 and 105kg. Use it, son!

Stewart probably the only disappointment. Struggled, beaten by Walla in a 1v1, and didn’t go so well in match sim. Hopefully just an off day.

Francis still doing non-footy stuff. Not sure why.
Mynott needs a body.
Only time I noticed Guelfi, he overran a ball.

Thank you for your company this morning. We look forward to your company again.

This has been another presentation from Matt’s Wide World of training reports.


Tippa forward or back ?