Training Fri 9th Feb Ocean Grove

Overcast, sprinkles of rain, winds light to variable.

Nice little crowd building. I have to head to work before the session finishes - apparently they’ll be training at 10 - but I’ll do my best to give feedback and maybe more detail later. Don’t expect a report of the quality you are used to - otherwise known as the @DJR scale - but will see how I go.


Sun peeking out as a few players poke their heads out of the palatial club rooms. Some cheers are heard from inside - presumably someone has told them I’m here so they can start now. I can’t keep up this pace.


Saad and Harts on the ground having a casual kick.

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Not great beach weather.

I was thinking of coming down early for a swim, but nope.

Easily a few hundred people here. School classrooms in the area conspicuously empty.

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Where in Ocean Grove? Folks live down there and my old man might want to check them out.

Ray Menzies oval.


Zimmer posting 30 mins before training starts was a brave call to keep the interest levels up. If it wasn’t for the weather and Serenity’s inquiry I’d say it was a tad early. But points for taking the board on.


Daniher in the modified group with Burger and a group of rookies. All in sneakers so definitely not taking part. Panic dollars still available.

Main group warming up.

Made the time pass more quickly.

(And I thought - am sure - it said 9 am start on the email. )

I also doubt much will be gleaned from the session with the intraclub tomorrow - but hey I’m here!


Pretty straight forward drills at the moment. Hepp warming up on the side - late for some reason.

Low pressure. Very much a clinic.

Stringer to Saad to Zerrett goal is nice to watch.

Goal kicking now. Always surprises me that we don’t practice the set shots with a man on the mark.

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Jumper numbers update pls

are the players wearing hats?


Wow. Players already heading to the boundary to sign stuff and pat dogs.

They are training near a school? GET STRINGER OUT OF THERE ASAP


25 % hat wearers.

Numbers accurate.

Zimmer indifferent.


If you google that location, follow Shell Road out east and you come across a circular dried up lake bed, zoom in on that, and well, juveniles…! :grinning:


Hepp has set a dangerous precedent, taking individual photos. Security is stepping in. More contact than during the whole training session.

Lavender signs a footy. Just thought I’d give him a mention.

Seriously good turn out.