Training Friday 13/2/15

Training in warm, windy conditions on the McCracken Oval.

Absent or modified Winderlich, Carlisle, Hocking, Colyer, Myers, Aylett, Pears, Kommer,Hurley and Browne. Jobe sat out a lot of the practice match and Willy Wagtail didn’t appear today.

As you can see its a big modified group and to help you understand the complexities of training and the medical staff I will show you the break down of a hypothetical training day. The numbers I use are random and do not necessarily indicate the player involved.

21, 42 - run progressions.
22, 38 - physio
15, 37 - strength wok/xt/alter-g
31 - warm up & slow running only: 20 x 100 @ 70 per cent.

16 - 4000m
36 - 3500m

6, 20 - reduced vol. (teaching component only)

17 - ruck work only then alter-g

Monitor -physio
2 upper HS
3 - Achilles
5, 15 - back
6 - hip
16 - hip flexor
20 - ankle
24 - calf
41 - patella tendon/knee
Groins 6 players

Monitor wellness
9 players.

As you can see the situation on a typical day is very complex. A big rehab group doesn’t necessarily mean they are doing a bad job it might actually indicate that they are doing a very efficient job of monitoring and treating

There are a number of players that I wish to mention today. Zerret was outstanding again setting up play all over the ground with precise kicking and excellent reading of the play. Karma Bomber predicts he will play midfield this year and I doubt that anyone would disagree with that.

Jobe sat out much of today’s session and Goddard filled the gap with some very vocal coaching especially in the forward line. He is marking strongly and looks set for a good season and his bump on Gleeson shows how much training is ramping up. His relationship with Edwards in particular is very interesting as he gave a constant stream of advice, instruction, criticism and encouragement to the speedy forward. Edwards finished with three goals including an interception of a misdirected pass from Steinberg that enabled him to run down the ground with five bounces and a shimmy (as opposed to a baulk) which ended in a goal from ten metres out.

Fletcher, Steinberg and Baguley were among the other players who performed well and Dalgleish showed some exciting glimpses in the back line. I have been asked to watch Fantasia today and I can say he worked well all over the ground and saw plenty of the ball which he dished off pretty effectively although one poorly executed fifteen metre back pass elicited a “f…k me dead” from Heppel.
The main area he needs to improve is his kicking for goal (missed another one today) to get a gig as an elite sharp shooting small forward. I would also like to see him kick long more often - he mainly dished it off short today.

They are fitter than at this time last year which is interesting. Bombers plan was to start the year more slowly and finish strongly which we basically did because in previous years under Hird we had started well but fallen away. Obviously the ideal situation is to start well and finish well too so it will be interesting to see the results of this in September.

A good hard session - players and coaches doing well.

on ya JM

Thanks Jackie for the great report (as always). My employer will be relieved as I can now get back to work rather than refreshing the blitz hoping for your report!

Loving Edwards forward

How was Cooney today JM?

Does there seem to be much concern over Carlisle at this stage? Considering he hasn’t participated in full training in a long time. Same goes for the rest of the modified group.

Great report as always.

It’s pleasing to hear that we are fitter then we were last year at this stage, now we just have to find a way to maintain it throughout the season whilst showing up for games each week.

Were the mythical State League players present?

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Were the mythical State League players present?

Yeah. McKernan was there.

Thanks heaps Jackie. Brilliant as always.

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How was Cooney today JM?

Does there seem to be much concern over Carlisle at this stage? Considering he hasn’t participated in full training in a long time. Same goes for the rest of the modified group.

Great report as always.

It’s pleasing to hear that we are fitter then we were last year at this stage, now we just have to find a way to maintain it throughout the season whilst showing up for games each week.

looked in good nick

Love your work as always, JM. Sounds like Zerrett is in for a big year.

Geez our boys trained the house down this morning. I was exhausted watching them for 3 hours!


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Love your work as always, JM. Sounds like Zerrett is in for a big year.

there was an absolute scintillating bit of play between zachy and zaka that is enough to excite even the most devout asada thread goer.

I like Fantasia. Curious who and why you are asked to watch him. Maybe not this year but a little more in his frame and he could be a very useful player IMO.

Thanks for the report.

Thanks JM, loving the intra club hit out info.

Can you give us a glimpse of how Jackson Merrett went? with Zach tearing it up, must be motivation for him.

& McKenna, does he look to be improving his reading of the play and running patterns?

Made my first appearance in a while today, probably cover some of what Jackie has said but anyway, I penned a few versions of todays session, here’s the no frills long blitz version.

Reasonably long session in the heat today lasting about 2 hours 40 or so, skills okay, coaches didn’t seem to fussed either way, but the session interrupted only because the AFL PA meeting according to Colin Hooper.

Prior to the beginning I was forced to leave my prime position behind the goals at the Westfield End of McCracken Oval just prior to the session starting in a desperate rush to find a toilet when a fair night on the sauce combined with an early morning caught up with me, causing a stomach explosion of epic proportions that resulted in serious damage occurring to the only cubicle next to the entrance. Add the person who walked in there next to the long term injury list.

Anyway turns out I missed no training and was out in time to admire the locks of Hird and Hird himself in deep conversation with Harvs. ■■■■■■ great to see them both in red and black again and if you add Lloyd and even Alessio, I’d like to think the presence of these guys as former premiership players would really help the young blokes.

Heard comments from David King on SEN yesterday who’s been doing the rounds of most clubs training and said you can tell the quality of a session from the levels of talk and that we had been up and about, so with that in mind it was good to hear Jobe, BJ Zaka, ■■■■ and Hep especially being very vocal during warm up. Hep liked to remind the group regularly at this stage about the importance of “consistency at training goiz.”

Fletch couldn’t give less farks during the warm up. One stage had 30odd players bending down touching their toes or similar for a good minute all up, Fletch not breaking out of a hands on hips position in the line. Had to laugh.

First little warm up drill was your standard group of three rolling kick to kick that used to have me buggered as an Aberfeldie under 16. Speaking of which, number 33 looks like a bloke who used to run rings around us for Keilor… kids still a smooth mover.

Stants spent a bit of time talking to Longy in a tackling drill, who looks like the typical can tackle when the opposition doesn’t expect it but would be pushed aside quite easily otherwise. “That last step has gotta be farking into them” and Longy duly took it on board and improved as the drill went on.

There was a bit of a midfield to forward transition drill early with the mids resting forward (no KPF’s initially). Despite the sluggish start… ■■■■ to Chap… mmmmmmmmmmm yes… that’s all I’ll say. Edwards playing out of the ‘goal square’ in this drill like he did much of the day but this time defending Goddard.

Ruckman over the other side of the ground were in a group attempting to kneel on exercise balls and knock hit outs back to trainers, Joey had the balance of a baby giraffe to begin with but got the hang pretty quickly.

Aylett was running laps and I mistakingly asked “how you feeling Jake”, looked like Buckets with the zinc on. Still feel like a ■■■■ for that. Regardless said he was feeling good. Not sure whether he was referring to himself or buckets but in the end spoke with actual Jake Carlisle after who said he was “still a while off”. Similarly Alex Browne who was running laps late on said he was “nearly there, two weeks hopefully”

The boys then split into two groups with one on each oval doing a transition out of defence drill that was largely done well. Hibbo turn over resulted in the boys being encouraged to “use the easy one” and to “get some overlap, don’t run away from eachother”.

Hird and Jobe bouncing idea’s off each other is music to the ears. Oh and again, that Cooney bloke can play. Not so sure about McKernan and Stein though, VFL looks about their standard and not much more from what I saw. Steins endeavour and size will make him a good VFL player but don’t think he’ll ever have the decision making to make it, Gwilt in front of him anyway.

A scratch match took place on McCracken oval after this, and initially saw more focus on long balls into the forward line, ball movement a bit more direct and potentially rushed sometimes getting inside 50. Zaharakis was full of run and generally was one of the best today, broke lines and kicked well.

Few nice bits of play where Daniher marked on the lead 60 out, wheels around onto the left almost without any consideration there is traffic about, drills one to BJ in the goal square who marks one handed holding off his opponent with the other arm. As Jackie mentioned, Edwards was sensational, often having the whole forward 70 to himself and his opponent, but especially his 4 or 5 bounce and dance around defenders effort. Another highlight was Daniher rag dolling Fletch Sav Rocca style, free kick though.

Langford put his body on the line backing into a pack after Joe drilled a 50m pass in on his right foot. Zerrett is an absolute terrier, gun in every way. Spent a bit of time watching McKenna v Fletch, Mckenna beat him once at ground level, turned, snapped and missed and screamed “FOOOK”. Next play got on the end of some good delivery in behind and marked 15 out directly in front and kicked the ball back to reset the drill, Hirdy threw it back and said "Always finish of the plays Connor " and he duly saluted. Play after that Fletch dropped the knee’s in and double spoiled just to remind who was boss.

Oh and Giles, Zaka and Chap trained in hats. Stop the presses.

Nice reports gents.

I’d just like to say that the intensity today was the highest I have seen all summer.

Word from the Bomber Cafe’ - The coaches feel the squad are training at a level that far exceeds anything seen in Hird’s 4 (5) years at the club.

I will start by saying that Carlisle was sporting some heavy strapping on his knee for the 1st time all pre-season and looked to have a slight hobble. With Round 1 not a million miles away, I’d say it’s fair enough that we start worrying.

On a positive note, Edwards looked sensational up forward today. Kicked 4.1 in match simulation. Was by far the best session I’ve seen from him since he joined the club. Still needs to work on his tank though, With Hibberd able to run off him a few times in the 2nd half of the match.

Zerrett was sublime and really allowed to shine in the midfield with Jobe resting and Myers absent.
Showed great ability to breakaway from the stoppage with speed on more than one occasion.
He’ll start in the centre more often than not.

Laverde and Langford both showed glimpses and with Hurley and Carlisle out, were both used as lead up forwards today. both kicked some nice goals.

RE Courtney D, Any post Christmas muffin top that existed has well and truly vanished. He took full part in training today and although quiet moved in his usual silky manner.

Melksham had some strong moments in the first half putting that long flat kick to Joey’s advantage on more than one occasion. It should also be noted that Hird was giving it to him for a lack of defensive pressure on the kicker at a key moment in the match - Seemingly a lapse in concentration.

Ol’ man Fletcher was excellent on Joe today. Looks in ripping shape. Bring on 2016.

Gleeson was good today. Spent quite a lot of playing deep in defence on Goddard. Who he was able to beat in the contest several times. Definitely expecting an upward curve in his preseason form from now on.

Browne joined in on some drills early on in the session and looked very excited to be doing so. It’s been so long, that I’ve almost forgotten what he plays like.

Hams is still getting used to the pace of match sim but made another positive step this week- DJR will be pleased to know that Will’s Brownlow odds may have shortened somewhat.

Fantasia started the day on Half back and zipped around the packs giving good outside run (and carry), Moved to the wing in the 2nd half and looked lively until he passed the ball like Colyer circa 2012. Which saw him go into his shell for a bit. Plenty to work with here. Though I do think he still needs a bit more bulk in the upper body.

Coondog, Gwilt and Chappy all chimed in when needed and have become well entrenched in the group.

Another note from the 2 grappling drills at half time- Kav was matched up on Heppell. 10x 1on1 contests and Heppell won all of them convincingly. Kav struggled to keep his feet on all but two. Illustrated, that although he’s made improvements, he’s still a ways off.

JM, Riley and Soft Tissue, all fantastic. A delight to read.

Thanks for the reports!

Yes, great to meet Jackie today and compare notes. The willy wagtail was not there neither was Tiffany, much to my disappointment.
My impressions of today:

The match simulation training has ramped up a couple of notches. Today, it definitely was not "touch footy’

Not going to talk about the top players we have in the side. So looking at the rest, who is impressing the most in todays training… well today Zerrett has to be rating in the top 18 easily. He is a standout and is on on a Hep like trajectory, Melksham is really training hard and will stake a claim in the 22, TBell is in outstanding shape and about 10 times faster than his games last year. Browne did some session work, and is handling the ball smoothly but as yet is not into hard contact match simulations. Ambrose is OK in general play, but is being exposed to our top defenders and no doubt that will improve his 1:1 competitiveness. Edwards appears to be coming into contention. Fantasia was playing well, is quite fast. and did not make many mistakes. Hams found space nicely and got a bit of the ball, coming along well after a year off.

Looking at this years recruits, Cooney, who contrary to other reports was heavily bandaged in the calf, and had a slight limp, but still impressed with smooth skills and of this years new recruits is the best. Langford led out from the square ahead of Bags and took the cleanest of marks out in front. He has very good hands. Langford appears to be slightly ahead of Laverde in skills. Either of these guys could play AFL in 2015, the way they are going.
Signs are that McKenna is still improving and is kicking with a flatter trajectory. He is performing well in handball drills and one on ones
Longy is doing OK, but like McKenna is not quite ready for AFL yet IMO Giles is OK in the ruck and is capable of playing in the ones. McKernan is improving his training performance , but still appears to lack a bit of confidence.

All in all a good session and even in the windy conditions the guys level of skills was pretty good with very few errors by hand or foot.