Training Friday 6/2/15

Training in hot conditions on the McCracken oval. It was a very, very solid workout lasting for well over two hours.

Absent Hocking & Daniher.

Modified Dempsey, Browne, Aylett, Pears, Kommer, Carlisle and Myers. Willie Wagtail briefly took up his position on the outer wing fence but then went off to seek the shade.

A lengthy practice match at first with 36 players and no interchange then 30 with limited interchange formed the backbone of today’s session. The most interesting feature of this was the absence of Daniher (and Carlisle) as forward targets which completely changed the pattern of forward play where Daniher was so often the easily identifiable target especially for long kicks.

A number of different players were rotated through the two full forward positions including the three resting ruck men, LaVerde, Ambrose and even Hooker. Hurley spent some time at cfh and was later swung into the back line. At first forward line play was congested and scrappy but as the session went on we started to see better ball use into the forward fifty although the defenders did well to shut down the centre corridor for much of the day. Despite this I had an uneasy feeling about a lack of a dominant forward target.

Colyer shone out today surprisingly for his kicking which has improved immensely since his first ever game at Shepparton where he impressed with his pace but peppered the crowd with his kicks. I remember three beautiful long goals today - one from a set shot on the boundary line with a slight cross breeze and two very good snaps including a long one on the run.

The practice match was interspersed not with 500 metre sprints like the last few weeks but with a tackling drill. Players lined up facing each other in two lines. One person in each facing pair was the tackler and the other his opponent. The loser of the contest had to do push-ups while Hirdy urged them to “get past”.

Shaun McKernan impressed me today in what was the best session I have seen him complete. Good work in the ruck was matched by good running and positioning in the forward line which was very encouraging. Goddard, Watson and Bellchambers all impressed today although each of them had the blemish of missing simple set shots for goal. Chappy also had an impressive session. Ambrose did some good things and had a kicking session with Lloyd at the end but I did notice him drop a couple of marks where the ball bounced off his hands. I’m not sure if he hasn’t got soft hands or if he takes his eye off the ball. There is a lot of potential with this player and if he can hold more marks he will be a threat on the forward line.

It was good to see Hams and Dalgleish complete full sessions. Dalgleish was used at full back for much of the time and performed credibly. Carlisle ran laps and looked very fit and strong he has definitely added some muscle in the last six months.

Bellchambers looks fit and full of life. When he went up in the ruck and caught the ball with two hands overhead then threw it forward to a teammate you would have enjoyed his sheepish grin.

A really hard session today with lots of talk and concentration. We’ll done to the players and coaches.

Thanks Jackie, sensational as always

57 days 4 hours 10 minutes till round one.

Thanks Jackie, very encouraging. I like the idea of practice without the dominant forwards, a bit of scenario work…

Good sign that Carlisle is running, hopefully back to full training next week.

Wonder whats holding Myers back, he has been running, maybe uperbody injury

Thanks Jackie ,
I have also observed the missed marks problem with Ambrose also at previous sessions. He gets in a good position to mark way out in front on a lead, has both hands on the ball, but it spills out. More practice required Patty !

Goddard, Watson and Bellchambers, come over and meet Matthew Lloyd …

Thank you for the training report!

Thanks for these outstanding reports Jackie.

Since viewing the small J Merrett clip on EFC site, he looks to have a pretty good build now. More like a young man than a boy. Hows he looking on the track this pre season? Do you notice the difference in his physical maturity? Is he looking more like a senior player or does still look like a rookie?

cheers and happy cooking.

Great report JM. Couldnt make it today due to work - next Wednesday i have off, hope to make it out to watch.

Interesting to read your observation and the improvements of Colyer: I remember watching his U18 champs year and i thought he was going to be flushed out of the system due to his poor kicking. Time, development and improvement in endurence/strength has seen him get to the new levels. I think his best position is high half forward or that sixth midfielder and i hope this year with a few stints in the centre bounce clearances instead of being out on the wing.

What position did langford play today? Seems both Laverde and langford are capable of playing a variety of positions, which is an exciting prospect for our list.

That’s my boy Trav! I’m sure Benny did well too!

Thanks for the report as always JM.

Roll on Round 1.

I heard the players were going to boycott training.

Thanks Jackie!

Is Winderlich playing forward or back?

Thanks Jackie.

That’s great news about Carlisle. The sooner we get him back the better.

Who is the number 1 ruckman?

Love your work, JM. How long had Myers been in the modified group for? Also, it seems as though Winderlich has had a pretty solid pre-season, would you agree?


Another good report and completely agree with the quality and intensity.

I like to individualise more than strategise this time of year! In no order.

McKernan- was also impressed with his work and positioning, will add flexibility if one of the keys go down.

Colyer- standout and will need to be. Has to and will surpass Chappy as our main goal kicking small. Set for big things.

Licha- Half back to go with our plethora of options in this area. Hird wants him there, Dempsey possibly looking the unlucky one…hmmm

Steinberg- doesn’t make the cut for me, too small out marked way too many times- yes by likes of Giles who he would t play on but…let’s hope we don’t have that many injuries!

Belly/Giles- really like it, big imposing men, we lost the X factor in Ryder but have 2 big blokes with grunt who can take a catch.

Dalgliesh - dark horse. Good size, pace and kick. Disciplined, always tight on his man and in right spot, senior footy coming his way.

Newbies- bit quieter today. Langford better reader of the game. really games are a bonus, years of promise for both lads. And for those excited or hopeful Ambrose far superior at this stage.

Ambrose- personally think he’s awesome. Must be made of stone. Yep drops some marks that make u cringe but you know sure as hell he will go again. Clearly our third/hit up forward

Jerrett- to answer above, yes more bulk, fits in now in that area, smooth mover. Defence is his current lesson ran with Goddard got towelled early mainly in air (bj too smart) but fought back to win a couple. In the 20-26 player mix.

Gleeson/Ashby- Ashby was the one who impressed me today, got a bit of it plays hard for his size -again the half back dilemma. Marty can move to a wing but ashby will have to bide his time.

Carlisle- Yes great size, very thick up top. Started to hit up some leads today for 10 minutes.

Chappy- moved really really well, no issues what so ever if that keeps up. Possibly has dropped a coupe of kgs.

Father Time- Gotta love him. Reckon Hurls paid the due respect in the tackling drills by going easy on the old fella. Was where the ball was when he should have been as per got the rest nod.

Gwilt- not sure he saw the session out? Not as noticeable as I have seen him before. I’m not sure how big other sides are but we must be getting close to one of the thicker set clubs- he’s in my side round 1. Think Hurls will have to go forward with most likely no buckets early on.

Bags- don’t fck with me!!!

Pig- you fck with bags u fck with me and good luck… we’re from franga!

Fab five - Skipper, junior skipper, Zakka, Bj and stants (all in the red and black v yellows) did as they please poor howlett and zerret were outnumbered to the point Hirdy jested “you’re allowed to score as well yellows” all fit and firing.

*plus coondog and zerrett will knock on door sooner than later.

Hooksy- decent forward for an all Aussie CHB! Was simply structural but he made the most of it! Fit as ever.

Oh yeah Kav! Ummm oooh I’m just not sold - has smarts give him that, improved his tank give him that gets bit of the ball but…why can’t I see it???

Hams- nice to see him out there. Maybe wrong but was floating as small forward. Will need good games in 2s And injuries. 26-30 player range

Rookies- nothing of note didn’t notice much of either apart from fact Irish has legs already!

So where do they all fit in? Great conundrum for coaches multitude of options in most areas bar small medium forwards. You get a chance u grab it or the next one will, depth from 20-35 best we have had in quite some time

Loved the session hence why I posted. You warnt a kick and were told about your mistakes

P.s We should sign BJ as a coach sooner rather than later!!!

On ya JM.

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Oh yeah Kav! Ummm oooh I'm just not sold - has smarts give him that, improved his tank give him that gets bit of the ball but...why can't I see it???

probably won’t make it but at least hes giving it a fair crack this year, all you can ask really.

Jackie did the club explain Joe’s absence?

Thanks Jackie, great report as usual.

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Jackie did the club explain Joe's absence?

No and I didn’t ask. No need to panic at this stage probably just resting him. it certainly gave a chance to look at other forwards.