Training Friday 8 February


Practice match on now. Daniher with the first goal and the whole team were thrilled for him.


So Daniher all of the goal? Nice.


Thanks for the heads up, foggy.


No wonder the club were coy about whether or not there is a training session today, the β– β– β– β– β– β–  intra club is on.


Fogdog; training reporter and todays Blitz Hero !


Daniher looks a million bucks and everywhere. Just had five disposals in defense.

Shiel, Parish and McGrath the standouts.


Oh yeah baby


Why is he playing in defence?


Liked then unliked then liked again just to experience it twice.


Interest to know what are the KPP match ups are?

Who is Daniher playing on? Who does Hurley have?


Joe Daniher - forward or back



Can we get djr down there asap to start live updates??


Well my productivity is going to be stuffed for the next few hours



Is that Tom Mitchell?


LOL. Some Saints supporter call the radio today and suggested Carlisle be moved to the forward line.
Prepare for history to repeat itself if Richardson tries that one.


It’s almost like Daniher came good straight after the AFLX draft was over. Who would have thought?


Drafting tampering, bringing game into disrepute, 2 million dollar fine


Raz has recovered from ACL after two days.

ASADA might want to investigate.