Training Friday 8 February


Pure speculation, but perhaps some pf the more mongrelly players have been given specific instructions to lift the physicality at training and/or rough a few young blokes up to get them ready for what they’ll cop at AFL level. Or not


Yeah i’m sure that’s the case. And i think it’s a good idea. But surely nobody would think a punch in the head is anywhere near acceptable.


Works fine in under 8s.


It’s exciting to hear the improvement of McGrath, how has he looked defensively through the middle, has he maintained his defensive instincts?


Yes I think he will always have those defensive instincts, he’s just that sort of a competitive person.

I think he’s still doing that but getting it more himself, and is much more creative when he does get it.


Nackers’ training report has done a number on the lid


Hopefully, he can give Dev a run for his money on the tackling front.

Loving the mix of our mids, they each have standout weapons.


Random question (which I’m putting here because there’s traffic). Can any remember which game the Dean rioli ‘dangerous’ tackle on luke ball was in. I’m trying to find a video of it.


Assuming it was not a preseason match - I’ve narrowed it down to 2 - given they only played 2 AFL games against each other.

Round 2 2004
Round 13 2005


I’m slightly disturbed by how quickly you worked that out. Please don’t tell you have a spreadsheet for it.


Haha no but a good website. I just went to AFL tables and worked backwards from the end of Dean’s career.


It was THE McLaren game, wasn’t it?

Lloyd was reported for shrugging a tackle and got off on appeal. Played next week and kicked 8 in the Hird Hug game.



Couldn’t find it in the 2005 highlights. Can’t find the 2004 highlights


So the game is Round 2 2004 - the one @ivan can’t find the highlights for!


Amongst all this positive news, great news!, about the only thing we are missing is a report from BB’s own star reporter, Tiffany.

I hope she has not retired, @jackie_mihocek …?


I hope in a nice way, not the rumoured way.


Yes, I also miss hearing what Tiff has been up to…


I think Jack Watts ran into her recently


Haven’t watched the video to see if it’s in there though