Training Friday 8 February


Ok I found some highlights from 2004 and he did get pinged for a spear tackle but it isn’t Luke ball. I think I might confusing another incident. I seem to recall one where he just planted and ball ran into his lowered shoulder, the wasn’t really any lift involved but I’m wondering if I’ve got the opponent muddled

At about 3min

Any help???



Draper with 3 nice goals in that clip


Yep, seems to know where they are the big lad


Some good tackling in there.


And the way Joey went for that smother, he’s not looking restricted!


Long really needs to learn to give it quick. Tries to do too much too often.


Wow, now I’m a troll. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I had a football meeting at the hangar today and decided to go early and watch training. Thought it would be a decent thing to post a few observations.

Silly me, I forgot about a few of the fragile and jealous egos that I’m supposed to get permission from before posting. Surely it’s time a couple of you address your insecurities…

I actually feel a bit sad for those of you that still think I make stuff up. After all these years. Sigh.

Strewth! Never change blitz!!!


I think the issue was more your initial post didn’t provide any context ie what you were told and then you didn’t respond for a period. Hence Blitz went to its default position of panic!


Sadly, that footage was about all he did in the match sim. I’m desperate for this year to be his breakout year but nothing I saw today convinced me of that.


He can’t play football, so I’d say a breakout year is unlikely


Not sure it would have mattered for a few on here. I could have said I was in the medical room (which I may or may not have been) when Smith came in after the first quarter to get it checked out and it still would have been questioned.

No stress for me, just a timely reminder why I rarely share stuff on here these days.


One or both?

I’ll get my coat…


Which is a great shame mate because we are all poorer for it. The constant negativity surrounding posters offering freely of their knowledge does get tiring, and thats from a bloke who never gets to share anything. Keep your head up Foggy, don’t let the bastards win.


No one does any more mate.


It was an awful, selfish, schoolboy error that should have been well and truly coached out of him by this stage. That was a 1 - 2 to McGrath followed by some protection every single time. It turns an overlap in the wing and potential scoring opportunity into a turnover with everyone on the charge going the wrong way.

Really it is the worst kind of mistake to make and it is about being selfish with the ball pure and simple. I would have exploded and dragged him if I was coaching and saw that.


If you watch the highlights, he also burns an option to turn straight into a tackler, that turns into Draper’s 2nd goal.
He seems to have absolutely rubbish awareness in traffic. Still.

And he’s not got the size to ride out the tackle.


The [email protected] vs the fan has started early this year.


The tackling in the highlights looked great, as the motto goes train the way you want to play.

That Long awareness was not great.

Question for training watchers. How far is Draper away? His progress has been amazing, and it would be great to see him get a game or several this year. Think he is getting too good for vfl.


No pun intended but Long has always held onto the ball for too long, needs to give the first option way more.