Training Friday 8 February


He’s about 80m at centre bounces, closer if he’s on the near wing.


He plays like he’s Saad fast, and Saad strong.
And he’s not.


Based on what I saw today, so only a small sample, he looks very close.

Definitely ahead of Clarke.

Possibly ahead of McKernan too as it appears he’s playing predominantly full forward.

Wouldn’t be surprised if both Bellchambers and Draper play at some stage.


From the video, geez smack seems to be clunking them well


He is far too thin to play like Saad


Completely agree.



Cmon man, too soon!


Damn. Reached the end of the thread.

Enjoyed it so much I might go back and read it again.


Mate from last week it’s improved. Draper couldn’t get the distance from a set shot 20 m out last week to kicking a few this week.
In all seriousness though, he’s practicing as third fiddle. Coaches are not doing the wrong thing though, TBC and Clarke are better than him at the moment.


Angry Smack > Jimmy Stewart


That is a bullshit free kick against Hird early in the last quarter. Should have been holding the ball to start with, then a bloke comes at him and he gets a free for protecting himself. No wonder McLaren copped a spray.


Devon “Drama Queen” Smith…?? :smirk:


Thanks all for the training reports. Is anyone else unable to play any videos on the club/AFL website? I can’t get them to work in any web browser.


Dwayne Armstrong?


Sounds like Jake Long is doing his part to keep the lid in place. However it reads as if he is a Lone Ranger.


It had to be done


We need more mongrel across the whole team. This is good.

Walla also likes a bit of argy bargy. I reckon Parish and Guelfi are up for it as well.


I think that was towards the end of the first quarter.


Without actually saying it was a direct quote and said right after the event occured as he was running off the bench. Context is everything.