Training Friday 8 February


vids work fine on desktop (mac) and on iPhone using the Essendon app


So it would seem that Stringer and Smack have been the instigators in a most of the scuffles this off season?

Perhaps they’ve been given the directive to show their bad boyness and enforcer qualities, which will be important when teams target us this year.


Guelfi’s gone up against both of them.


Devon Armnotsostrong


Both sites working fine on MacBook Air


I had to restart my laptop to get it to work (HP Elitebook).


As you would probably know I’m a big fan of Smack and yes he was cluncking them but he didn’t have much opposition


Yes Guelfi doesn’t mind a bit of aggro


Interesting way to put it, …


Anyone notice TBells sneaky punch to JD’s guts when Draper kicks a goal?




Btw loving all these mentions of physicality between the players, its one thing our team has lacked the past 15 years.

Hope it doesn’t stop once the real stuff starts.


Fletch was in the rehab group. Was Hird still around?


Nah, he’s back at school.


I didn’t see him.


There’s a silent majority here that highly values people like yourself that provide solid info.

I’ve followed this site for years. I know who has runs on the board. I’m very aware that sometimes not all of a story can be told.

The flavour provided by those with contacts is what makes Blitz special. It’s as important as the amazing training reports and the remarkable depth of weirdly specific knowledge some members have. It’s why I rate this site as more valuable than the standard media.


I think it’s much more than a silent majority, more like a vocal majority that gets upset by the random peanut.

I know I place a much higher emphasis and level of trust in information supplied by people like fogdog and Reboot


We have no need for born losers at the club.




Appreciate your updates! You’re a well respected member of this board :blush:. And very patient too when people hound you for info (yes, I’m referring to myself here).

All the training reports have me so excited for the season. Was already looking forward to seeing Shiel, Daniher, Fantasia etc. But hearing about the development of McGrath, Parish and a lot of our other players is just fantastic.

Bring on the 2019 season!