Training Friday 8 February


McGrath will be a stand out this year. Pure Gun!


HP Elitebook/ Telstra NBN no problems.


They’re all playing pic location :sunglasses:


Don’t stress the whingers. Empty can rattles the most, etc


…so you keep all the stuff to yourself?


I don’t know what we’re paying Guelfi but I think he’s worth double.





Just the “good” stuff.


I didn’t mention but should have, I was super impressed by Ben Rutten. His direction, enthusiasm and encouragement was really obvious. And you can see the boys respect him a lot. At different stages, particularly at drink breaks or as they walked from one oval to the next, I observed the likes of Hurley, Ambrose, McKenna and Myers all talking to him at different stages.


Fogdog, I want to say a massive thank you for your on going contabution to the body of work that is Bomber Blitz.

I have read this forum for years and only recently established a profile. However I have always trusted and looked forward to your comments.

Utmost respect to you mate.

Keep up the great work & remain deaf to the idiots and never suffer the fools.

Go Bombers!


Thank you to Nackers, Deckham, Fogdog & the others for bringing together another awesome unpaid training report.

Your dedication to the cause is unquestionable. I love reading everything you write. You all keep me going in some very dark hours!


Outstanding reports. Love the detail, the inside goss, all of it.

It’s very much appreciated - I can’t effing wait for the season to kick off!


Lots are gonna be even more surprised with him this year.


Are we expecting that neither Redman/Gleeson will be available for round one?

Methinks it’s down to Ridley or Guelfi to fill in at half back if that’s the case.

B: Francis Hurley Saad
HB: McKenna Hooker Guelfi/Ridley

IMO, Ambrose is more of a third tall type (ie competing with Francis or backup for Hurley/Hooker if needed).

For those of you who follow training, is this a fair assessment? And if so, who would you choose for that backline role out of Guelfi/Ridley?


I join with others in saying a huge thank you to all those who provide training reports & other news. We’re very lucky on Blitz.


This is probably the most exciting development outside of Shiel for us, for mine. Rated him as a player, never gave up and probably made more of his gifts and weaknesses than a lot of players. Clearly had a big impact at Richmond. Him and Kelly, excellent to have. I was pretty disappointed when Goodwin left, very happy to have a couple of serious footy heads join us in these massively important roles.


Worsfold was away most of January, and Skippy was handed the baton, to run the preseason training for the whole list. Kelly and Rutten are flavour of the month ( well deserved) . It seems Skippy is not.


I’m all for Hayden, the vague sense we plebs can get from training reports and official releases is that he’s been a consistent factor in our improvement. I’m very happy that we’ve added a couple of blokes who not only played at the highest level but displayed leadership on the ground when they did. I reckone we had a pretty theoretical coaching panel there for a while.


Hmm, I think we have enough drive out of defence that Amborose>Ridley. Also Francis is playing more positional in defence compared to running with an opponent. Ambrose can run with anyone which is advantageous.
I think they’ll try and fit Guelfi in at all means necessary. Hard to determine whether they would start him back as he’s been covering a wing because of Hep and Merrett sidelined.