Training Friday 8 February


Is there any room for Hartley or is he destined to be forever back-up?


I’d be worried if he’s in our starting side. He’s one of the most likeable blokes on the list and when he gets a fist to spoil he’s great, but he’s not strong enough one on one.

The biggest knock the coaches have on him is how slow he moves the footy and how it takes so long to make a decision. That was on show yesterday as well. He needs to become more attacking if he’s ever going to replace anyone in our backline.


A shame because, on his day, he is a great kick.


Amazing kick, and will do it every weekend in the VFL if things go right.


The troll comment was actually a joke. Talk about insecurities…


I always love it when Bellchambers gets involved. People back down from him instantly. It’s so satisfying to watch.


Based on preseason and availability I’d have Ridley in what would be Gleeson’s spot and Guelfi in the 7th def/mid off the bench

Guelfi able to give coverage to the runners in the back 6 but also our wingers, as per what BJ did.


Not directed at you. Directed at the predictable and consistent morons.


Hahaha, then i totally agree with you. The negativity in here can seriously get out of hand. That one was probably my fault though, i made the troll comment as a joke and a few idiots ran with it. Thanks for the updates mate.


“It has meant a group of their younger players have been standouts in important roles, including Andrew McGrath and Kyle Langford in the midfield. Could we see speedster Adam Saad spending some time at the centre clearances as well? It’s something coach John Worsfold is weighing up”
From AFL website.

Anyone else getting the feeling we are playing 22 players out of the midfield this year?


I would think the obvious answer is Zerk, as a tall defender who despite is skinny frame plays like a wrecking ball, has probably upset Smack with his physical play and Smack is trying to put the youngster back in his place.

I’m not a fan of this attitude in line with McKenna and Guelfi. Reminds me of my old U15s coach who didn’t like that I could match him in a fair ruck contest, so next ball up he blindsided me and sat on my shoulder (literally) as I was about to jump. Just to show me who was boss.


I hope so. Teams will not be able to keep up with the pace if we are running 10+ players through there for 4 quarters.


It is certainly a wonderful backline. I would love to see Redman have an extended run without injury.


Great reports, thanks all.

Lid is gone.

Can’t see us losing a game this year.


Yep. The older coaches like Worsfold and Harves have man management / coaching skills learned over many years, but new coaches like Rutten and Kelly have more recent experience as players and are aware of how other coaches who are still coaching go about it. They are all part of the mix as a coaching group.


Pretty much.


Yes I agree. Myself along with several other training watchers have been very impressed by him


Thank you very VERY much to everyone writing reports. It is so appreciated.

A few questions on areas that haven’t been touched too much:

  • Nobody has really been mentioned as far as a tall forward goes except a quick comment by Fogdog on Draper (Smack has mostly been talked about in terms of his aggression). Is it definitely Smack who will be #2 (or #1 if Joe isn’t fit), or are one or more of Brown, Stewart and Zlarke putting forward a case?
  • Given the absence over Gleeson, Redman, and McKenna, and Guelfi was playing on the wing, who were playing the small defensive slots yesterday? Has McNiece shown anything at all, as he would be another defensive option if we have injuries and we need someone with a touch of toe. I’d ask about Dea as a favourite of mine but I assume he’s just playing his normal tight, solid self. Same as Ambrose.


Also wouldn’t mind an update on how Stringer is looking? There hasn’t been too much said recently. Has he been training well? I hope he has a big year.


How’s Paul Hills looking?