Training Friday 8 February


Guelfi has been in just about every best 22 I have seen.

Most even have him starting.


You looked further than if these best 22’s named Langford or not???
I think early best 22’s tended to omit Guelfi- with Redman’s set back he’s come back into contention.

Bags is an interesting omission- first up against GWS we definitely need a defensive forward, and Walla it’s been hinted may play more midfield time.
But I can’t remember Bags ever burning up the track in preseason
More often preseason wise he’s been in rehab and only in contention for the tanning awards.


Who’s saying Bags is omission?

Bags never burns up the track purely because he is only seen when he does something wrong. Just like a few other whipping boys.

Bags is in m best 22 because I know what I will get from him week to week and also I prefer the smaller more defensive forward line.

But who knows who’s going to be selected.


I’d have bags in my best 22 but hes probably the most replaceable guy in the side



Can’t think of any other player other than Walla that plays a similar role.

We would be relying on somebody that is unproven.

The only other option would be a different type of player and then we would be back to where we have been previously with very little pressure on the opposition players departing our forward line.


I expect begley to go past him at some stage this year. Begs defensive stuff is good also.


Love Begley but doesn’t bring half the defensive pressure of Bags.

Won’t even post the stats for that because I wouldn’t want to embarrass Begley.

He’s more of a midsized forward in the laverde mould and harassing is not his forte.


About half of the best 22’s in that thread.
I hope I made it clear that’s not my preferred option.
But I think it comes from people trying to fit all our mids in AND some or all of Guelfi, Laverde and Fridge.
They forget about Bags, which was the original training based question, and go for the new shiny players all at once.


Yeah, I think the coaches have some very difficult decisions to make.

Most of if not all of the best side have a very specific game plan in place and specific players to implement it.

If we try to be too fancy and just load up on our “best” players then we will be undone.

Balance is the key.


How good is it to actually be able to debate best 22 positions? #depth


It’s great. Some good players are going to have to bide their time in the magoos this year.




So two flags this year then


Need a serious mentality this year

Its not a best 22, it’s a best 30. We all need to buy Into a flag mentality. All work as one. They all have roles to play. Guys like dea, begley, Ridley, Ambrose, Hartley, brown, Stewart and Clarke just to name a few, need to be ready at anytime to go and accept they will probably play a lot of vfl this season


Hoping a couple of those young SA boys can get a chance early and cement a spot.


Ah…good pick up - but the answer to most of your questions are rehab related.
Brown, Stewart, Hooker / McNiece, McKenna, Dea, (Gleeson, Redman). Three talls, five medium defenders. Then add Begley and Bags (who is just out from modified group)
Smack is definitely figuring in as the 2nd tall forward. In the interim, we have seen in defence Jok (also wing), and Long roaming back where his very good field kicking may see him more suitably situated. Things will be mixed up over the next month or so as a perfect storm is created and everyone starts to flock back from rehab and fight for a spot.
Good times.


Personally, I see Guelfi making a genuine bid for Zaka’s spot in a year or so. He lacks the goal-kicking accuracy of Zaka, but makes up for it in aggression.

Also - I don’t think Guelf has ‘mongrel’ as such. He is just a very nice kid who will always stick up for a mate, but probably not start a fight. Unlike the four players we have who like nothing more than one - Oirish, Smith, Smack and Stringer, with Parish on the cusp.


Agree Bags sets the tone.


I thought he was a huge reason why we improved so much last year.

We have been screaming out for another terrier to help out Walla for a long time.

As an added bonus Bags is very good on the lead and kicks goals.


If anything, I wanted more posts! Particularly after the line about Smith’s injury. Wasn’t sure if it was some Blitz in joke at first!