Training Friday 8 February


spot on


I’ve no idea what sort of character he is but he seemed like the sort of player who makes for a good coach. Not blessed with obvious physical gifts, but worked super hard and super smart and had a very good and long playing career because of it.


guelfi’s too pretty to be a fight starter.


Nobody has said you make stuff up.


Agreed. There was a reason we went out and got Mozzie and Hams, and tried to get Martin. Its an obvious area of weakness (depth wise) in the list. After the 2018 group of Walla/Raz/Bags/Stringer, there’s pretty much only Begley and the new guys. Everyone else is a bit more of a medium. Even Begley is a bit more medium style.

Keeping that first four fit and firing is pretty damn important for us. It will be interesting to see if Zaharakis starts playing forward a bit more, with a lot more midfield options than we’ve had in ages.


Houlahan hasn’t really come on. But I tell you what Mozzie in a few years could bypass both Fantasia and Walla.


Big call. Personally I doubt it.

Raz and Walla are amazing players.


No one, ever, is going to pass Fanta.


I legitimately forgot he was on our list. Wouldn’t mind him firing a shot this year.


I reckon Bags likes to fly under the radar. He doesn’t care for the limelight, glitz and razzmatazz.
He just does his best to get the job done, week in, week out.


I don’t think he minds either.

If this year is his last I would love for him to go out with a flag.


Fanta is the best small forward in the comp. I have high hopes for Mozzie, but being better than Fanta would be an extremely rare find.


I always feel like I’ve missed something you’ve all seen with Guelfi, but to me he has not looked comfortable carrying the ball at AFL level. Too many hurried kicks.
Which is kinda the complete opposite of Zaha.

What makes you say this?


He hurt his jaw in one of the tackling drills on Friday. Pretty much the only time I noticed him.


How is Brown going this pre season. He had a good end to last year and a full preseason. Be interested to see if he is pushing Smack and Stewart our for that KPP spot.


Mitch “Dylan Van Unen” Brown

Nobody ever sees him


He did a couple of nice things on Friday. Always looks like he’s cruising.

He kicked a goal from a snapshot 40m out, directly in front. At the time Horse very aggressively yelled out “give it off” but after he kicked the goal Raz (I think it was) yelled out something like “ignore the haters, go yourself”.


More of ‘Zaka’s spot’, than ‘being another Zaka’. Outside player, cameos in the thick of it, carrying the ball. Medium size utility between the arcs ■■■ wing. One of his best traits is the ability to be in the right place - so reading the play, I guess.


Yes he’s been ‘cruising’ - because his legs are being managed. He has spent more than half his time on O2 rehabing.


Mynott? I saw him stick a tackle on Stringer and bring him to ground in the club highlights. He was showing some improvement at the end of last year , I wonder, has he been showing anything?