Training Friday 8 February


Worth First and second -third round selections in a trade.


Even Stringer is a bit more of a medium… even more than Begley.


He has been tracking well over the preseason. Some real development in his body.


I guess I’m saying I don’t think carrying the ball is what comes naturally to him. And I don’t think his kicking is that great either.

To me, he shows a lot in the contest, and not much outside of it.


I’m a big Mynott fan.
Kid shows every indication of being a very good inside mid. Lovely hands and very nice timing.


Better than Betts?


Toby Greene


Better this year I think, but Betts obviously better overall.

I love Fanta but Greene is probs still ahead even with the brain fades. Fanta has more upside to come though I think.


Fantasia needs to stay fit and he will prove to be worthy of the discussion.

Certainly has the talent and the drive.

Must… stay… fit.


I too think Fantasia is the best small forward in the AFL.


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fantasia is easily a top3 most important player for us, with joe and bellchambers, hes our best link between midfield and forward line


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Houlahan hasn’t really come on. But I tell you what Mozzie in a few years could bypass both Fantasia and Walla.

Ease up Maxxy


TBC, surely not. He’s not even a top five ruck in the competition and after Gawn and Grundy the standard drops away significantly.


our best wins last year was when he dominated the ruck.


If Fantasia had stayed fit over the last few years he’d easily be at Greene’s level, probably past him too.

Both of them are among the most dangerous smalls inside 50, and both of them are able to go through the midfield, with Fantasia being far more damaging in that department.

If he stays on the park in 2019 I have little doubt that Fantasia will be widely considered the best small forward in the comp.


Fanta is my favourite player, our most important player and our barometer but on his current record he’s not even close to the best small forward in the league.



Fanta is easily in the conversation for the best small forward in the competition. He plays a far more expansive role than Green or Bruest who rarely set up outside 60 from goal, Fantasia is one of the best at pushing up towards half back and starting the chain for a full ground transition.


Maybe, but I think we saw a general improvement around the contest so much so that when Stringer was rucking our clearance differential didn’t change.


There’s a couple of forgotten names:

long (has had a few mentions)

Any comments from watchers?