Training Friday 8 February


One is Shun, the other a Wüsthof. Both have their uses.


I dunno, if you drank enough…

  • McNiece has spent a significant amount of time in the modified group. When he’s been with the main group I haven’t seen anything to suggest he’s even in the top 30. I can’t see him getting many games with a lot of others in front of him.

  • Houlahan has bulked up to have a nicer shape but apart from the odd mark or snap at goal also hasn’t asserted himself too much. Like McNiece is coming from a long way back and will struggle to get games

  • Mynott has shown improvement with a bigger body and better endurance. He does a lot of good work inside and tackles and pressures well. I would like to see him get a shot at some stage but again there are a lot in front of him. I would think it’s likely he will get at least one more year if he doesn’t get games this year as he has something to work with.

  • Long has also improved with a more mature body and better decision making and execution of skills. I was disappointed to see in the last training video him getting caught holding the ball a couple of times (I missed the start of the match sims and didn’t see those incidents live) and don’t feel they reflect the improvements he has made in the off season as generally in drills he has improved in that area. But it has been a weakness of his in the past and something he has to get better at if he’s going to make it.

  • Lavender has also spent a considerable part of the off season in the rehab group and only recently returned to full training. His skills generally have been pretty good for a big man but he has a lot to learn regarding positioning and reading the play. He desperately needs a lot of game time at a lower level to get some experience. He was playing fullback on Smack for a while in the last match sim and got lost on several occasions (which is also why I didn’t rate Smack’s efforts as highly) but I think it’s a good move to play him as a defender to help him learn the game. He’s also spent time in ruck drills with Belly, Zlarke, Draper and Smack, again with asserting himself particularly at this stage. Overall he’s a good size and moves well but is definitely a long term project.

  • Dlarke has come back in terrific shape and been excellent in running drills and defensive pressure. Some of his tackling and body work in wrestling has been outstanding for his size, he really has a single mindedness for the task at hand. His disposal lets him down though, whether kicking, handballing, decision making and speed of disposal. While they have improved from last year, I think he’ll again do very well in the VFL but struggle at senior level unless he can rectify those problems, particularly if he’s used as an inside mid which seems to be his likely spot. He reminds a bit of Clint Jones from St.Kilda and like him I think could make an excellent tagger with his defensive skills and great endurance, but as we know Worsfold isn’t really big on taggers.


Comfortably. Sure Betts kicks some freak goals which are great to watch. But Fanta is the complete package. He adds a ■■■■ load more value in other areas, such as with his workrate up the ground and in to the midfield.
Only injuries are stopping Fanta getting the full recognition he deserves at this point. But it’ll come. (I will add, Betts isn’t as good as he was a couple of years ago, nearing the end for him.)


I think Fanta has gone past Eddie now that Eddie is in decline but I would wait until Fanta starts kicking 50, 60, 70 goals a year before we can start calling him better.

Eddie is one of the best small forwards the game has ever seen and brilliant to watch as well.


… and Carlton let him go.

{giggle snort}


Says a lot about Carlton that they let two of the better small forwards in the game go when small forwards are now just as important if not more important than key forwards.

No foresight whatsoever.


Lol Carlton


was that a typo? i think you meant FARK CARLTON


A clue in one of the videos from the club Skippy?, the “big” training days are Mondays and Fridays. That being the case I would expect to see activities closest to “match sim” on those days from this point on. Maybe !


So you’re saying Jake Long will have a 4 goal game against Carlton during his career? Sign me up.


By 4 goal game I assume you mean he’ll have at least 4 kick on him directly.


Be fair.
They also let go Jacobs, and Waite, and Mitch Robinson, and Gibbs, and Billy Gowers, and Tol Bell, who’ve gone on to be good players elsewhere.


It’s like they are actually trying to destroy the club.


EFC U23 side (U 23 before 1 jan 2019)
B: Redman Lavender Francis
HB: McKenna Zerk-Thatcher Ridley
C: Guelfi Langford Ham
HF: Begley Laverde Long (23 in Feb 19)
F: Houlahan Gown Mosquito
R: Draper McGrath© Parish
Int: D Clarke, Mynott, Mutch, Jok

Just missed out Fantasia (23, 4 months), Merrett (23, 4 months)


i know some of those are still untried or very inexperienced but it goes to show we have very good depth on our list.

Dodoro and team have done an amazing job on the back of two expansion clubs and then the saga.


Maybe he’s being clever, and Wednesdays are more tactical :slight_smile:


I’m sure we all know, and it’s officially on the club website.

This is TODAY arvo.



Yep. It would not be the first time a club engaged in subterfuge.


I mean, I hate Carlton as much as anyone, but Tom Bell?

He did sweet FA at the lions, and was always hyped up because of his physique and not his ability. I think they may have got that one right.