Training Friday 8 February


Hes also forgotten Grigg who they traded to Richmond for some spud who got delisted.


Ahh, the straight swap Andrew Collins for Shaun Grigg.

I seem to recall at the time people thought Carlton had made out like bandits in that one.


Some Tigers fans made out like he was next messiah, but he was their version of courtney Johns.
Think collins starred in a practice game once for Tigers. Amazing how some players are quickly forgotten.
Grigg would be in Carltons first choice midfield if he was still there.


I think West Coast have been pretty happy with their Full forward over the last 5 or so years

Thanks Fark Carlton


Never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee Fark Carlton.


Same. When making that list totally forgot him. That said, I didn’t think he showed that much in the VFL and wouldn’t be surprised if he’s cut at the end of this year. He also plays a bit more “medium” than “small”.


Thanks for the heads up Bomb_Doe, I couldn’t make it this morning but am out here now. I’ll put some reports through shortly


Thanks @Nackers, really appreciate your coverage of the off season.

I’d be putting on for a pay rise if I were you.


No superstar but he was a solid grunt, would have been borderline 22/good depth at Carlton.


I guess, but they got an early second round pick (21) for him, which they on traded to get pick 11, resulting in Charlie Curnow.


I’ve asked to triple my pay and I’m pretty sure I’ll have no trouble getting it


Tax free… plus super.


It really wouldn’t worry me if it was taxed at the top rate, I don’t mind paying my fair share


New thread, guys.