Training June 28

Just some quick notes, sorry for the lack of detail or colour.
Everyone trained you’d expect to bar Zerrett.
Laverde running laps at okayish pace.
Zacka also running tho not as much.
Parish pretty much in all drills but didn’t see him handball.
Guys with clouds over them - Stringer, Green, Smith - all moved well.
McKenna and Leuey pulled out of some drills.

Lots of drills preparing for Norf defensive structures. Emphasis on moving it with short kicks, kicking to our numbers, setting up for over the top goals. All the usual stuff.
Langford entrusted to do a lot of clinch kicks.
McKernan hands ordinary today. Dropped two puds on the lead.


Great work Begbie!


Did any of long/Francis/Ridley seem to train with the main 22? Generally you can tell the difference between the core of the 22 and the other guys

Thanks for the write-up


Nah no clear main group as such.

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All the likes to you.

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I don’t understand how or why Laverde would be running laps. I think he has had the procedure to put a band around his ankle joint that is supposed to assist in the recovery process. (Pls correct me if I have got that wrong).
How can he be running laps already? Is this normal for an 8wk recovery?

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That was Redman.

Laverde did hammy as follows:

Jayden Laverde is also set for a stint off the field and Crow said he expects the versatile Bomber to miss just two weeks after suffering a minor hamstring injury.

“Jayden has a hamstring strain – minimal grade in a sense that there’s very minimal fibre disruption.

“These miss two weeks and return at three weeks, all going well.”

If we lose on Sunday can we blame Worsfold on not planning for the opposition?

I"m going to blame Begbie if we lose.Should have told coaching staff about pagan’s paddock.
Only joking.:grinning:

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Not enough Franga for mine.

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Dumb Rs. It is amazing how you get something in your head all wrong sometimes.

It happens.
Not sure you had to call me a Dumb Rs, but I probably deserved it. I’ll take it on board and learn from it.


Boasting again DJR?


No point marking them anyway…the umpire doesn’t pay them.


Probably not too surprising that you would be associating a serious foot injury with Laverde.

You are probably associating the injury Lav got in March last year, I have blurred the details so people don’t glance at it and think it is a current injury, the below is from an EFC Injury report from 14-3-18.

Essendon is awaiting specialist advice before determining the significance of an ankle injury sustained by Jayden Laverde.

The 20 year old injured his ankle during the second half of the match against Geelong on Sunday.

“Jayden got clipped over the head while marking the ball in the air and he landed so awkwardly that his boot snapped,” High Performance Manager Justin Crow said.

“He’s got an injury to the inside of his ankle and also an injury to the flexor retinaculum, which is a sheet that goes across the front of the ankle.

“The first part of that injury is only of moderate concern for us but the flexor retinaculum is something we rarely see so we’re getting an opinion from a specialist about the best way forward in managing that.”