Training Mon 12th Dec 2022

Surprised there hasn’t been a report yet so I’ll start the ball rolling.

I was there till about 11:30 only.

My first time to the hangar and to a training session so please don’t expect the quality of a report by @knackers et al .

It was quite windy but no rain.

A match Sim was happening on the smaller oval but moved to the larger one where a bit of wind protection was provided by the hangar itself.

Doing laps only : Stringer, Cox Mc Bride, Langford Jayden Davie.
Jayden Davie was doing laps alone but at a good pace.

Jones was there but separate from the main group. Goalkicking mainly.
A lot of talk about Jones build , but to me he looks a bit similar to James Hird. Not sure he’s ever going to be a “monster” as Lloydy predicted but he is certainly not thin.

Laverde was separate from the main group doing a few laps and ball handling.

Munkara watching from the side while I was there. Saw him casually pick up a ball and slot it from the boundary.

Stringer doing lots of laps at a good pace but no ball work.

The match Sim was quite physical and intense in bursts. Was impressed with the serious feedback given from the assistant coaches.

McGrath and Walla stood out.

A few casual observations :

Lewis Hayes moves well for a tall. Noticed that he was left on for the match sim whilst Tsatas and Alwyn Davey watched on.

Rhett Montgomery was on 2MP in the match sim seriously height disadvantage but didn’t look out of place IMHO. Moves well and seems to judge the ball well.

Voss took a couple of good marks up forward. He will definitely make an impact this year IMHO.

I’m a D’Ambrosio fan, every time he got the ball he seemed to hit up a team mate. I’m sure he could do a Barry Cable or Bobby Skilton and land balls in rubbish bins.


Thanks Esteban and pass on our thanks to Alpine for giving you the opportunity to get out there while in your offseason.


thanks for the excellent report

fan too - someone that good at hitting targets is a big weapon for a side.

We need his teammates to trust him and do the hard work to offer him decent leads.


There are many so-so kicks of the footy getting around these days. It means the exceptionally good ones really stand out. It’s no coincidence that just about every training report that we are reading is highlighting Massimo’s work by foot. And it backs up what we saw last year. It’s refreshing to see as I reckon we’ve lacked enough class kicks of the footy for a while. Tippa back will help too.


Wonder if they’re going down the Malcolm Blight path with him. Not allowed to touch the footies until he’s up to scratch fitness wise. At least he’s running so you’d hope when the boys get back post Christmas that he will be right to go.


Thanks @Esteban - great report. I’m on the D’Ambrosio train also. The other guy who I reckon has similar skills is Martin. Did you notice him at all?


This is key. Imo we’ve had decent kicks in the past with Francis and McKenna. They could both do the low bullet passes, but often their teammates weren’t on the same page, weren’t ready for it, and the opposition would intercept. Of course given that Francis and McKenna were playing in defense, the turnover happened in a dangerous part of the ground, and we’d give up goals. D’Ambrosio is playing in the same part of the ground. His kicking being on target is one thing, but the targets also have to be ready. Hopefully Scott can improve that area of our game.


Yes Martin was busy. Agree with you wrt his kicking. Always seems to find a bit of space before he delivers.


Massimo is probably in the top few most damaging kicks in the comp. I’d like to see him as a fixture in defence setting up play ala Daniel Rich.


His kicking is great, but wasn’t it his one on one defensive work people were concerned about last year?


Massive difference is their kicking distance range.

Rich can pierce one 60m.

Massimo can hardly kick 50m

Mass can definitely kick 50


He’s played 7 matches and averaged 8 kicks a game. might be getting a little ahead of yourself there.

He looks like a nice kick though.


Watching games live it shocked me how often our fwds were standing still asking for it on their heads.
Or they got up to high then would lead away from the kicker back to the ball.

I remember our early 00’s teams had really strong leading fwds who would demand the footy, or would create holes behind their leads for other to drop into.

Thats what we need to see again with kicks like Massimo, Martin, Tippa and down the road Munkara able to deliver


Much different game now to what it was back then.

Space was wayyyyy more easier to find.


He needs games but his first few were very impressive. For starters give him the kicking out duties.

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Thanks for the report.

What made McGrath and Walla stand out?

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Hasn’t changed that much, movement has always been the only way to make space