Training Monday 14/1/19

Training today in hot conditions, it reached 33 degrees by the time they finished a long session of a little over 2 1/2 hours.

The modified group consisted of Daniher, Begley, Hooker, Zerk, McKenna and Long.
Gleeson did the first third of the session with the main group before moving to the modified for more running when the training went to more contested work. Ridley started with the main group but had left half way through, I didn’t see what happenned to him. Smith also did the first half of the session with the main group before getting a rubdown from trainers and moving to running on the second oval. Francis did about 3/4 of the session before leaving with what looked like a corkie.

Tom Bellchambers completed the whole session with the main group as did Parish, however he only used his left foot when kicking. Fantasia only had the 2 fingers on his left hand strapped and looked as good as ever.

Absent were McPhee, Mossie, Gown, Ham and Jok.

I am pleased to say it looked like Daniher and McKenna in particular had stepped up their training in the modified group. They both did numerous sprints at a much higher intensity than previously and didn’t to my eyes show any particular discomfit apart from natural tiredness. Not to discredit any previous reports at all but that was what I saw today. Daniher as part of a drill kicked a couple of balls across his body from about 50 without any discomfort which I also took as a good sign.

There was a lot of work around stoppages today. For quite a while there was a rotation of 4 different groups of 4 players simulating a centre square clearance with 2 groups of 4 opposing each other. The thing that stood out to me the most was the depth of our midfield, as another group was brought in it was always a quality group. One thing to note was that Stringer was part of this group and Francis wasn’t.

There was also specialised training again on body work with Rutten in a group of key position players consisting of Hurley, Brown, Stewart, Hartley, Smack. I took a few pics today and will upload some examples of some of the work he has been doing.

Later there was 2 different groups working in different directions near the boundary. I wasn’t completely sure of what they were trying to achieve but it was clearly around player movement around stoppages. There was a lot of instruction and talk from the coaches telling different players to come in or stay out and where to go to during the plays.

Towards the end of the session there was a very intense session of keepings off with a group of 5 players trying to get off 10 consecutive handballs in a very confined area against 2 defenders. At one point Ambrose laid a Brad Hill type tackle on Parish which led to a large scuffle of players with Ambrose, Myers and Stringer prominent. In this age we know it didn’t happen unless you get the photos - luckily I did with the evidence to be uploaded shortly. It ended in good spirits with handshakes all round but was a good example of the intensity.

A couple of standouts from today - McGrath, it wouldn’t surprise me if he makes the transition from a midfield rotation to a genuine weapon this year. Instead of making the quick handball he is now running the ball out of stoppages and his shimmies and change of direction are elite. His extra size gained in the off season is also helping to break more tackles.

I was also very impressed with Guelfi in the keepings off drill, he had time, composure and very rarely missed a target. Another one who will be hard to keep out of the team.


Joe: Biggest comeback in the space of a few days since Jesus.


ALL THE LIKES… cheers @nackers


I would hope he was ■■■■■■ well absent.


Where on earth did I get McPhee from?? I meant Laverde


Previous reports TOTALLY discredited!

Have we progressed to match practice enough that anything has been seen regarding kickout strategy, given the new MegaGoalSquare?


just blame it on autocorrect


Thanks mate. Great report. This one has made me happiest of the lot. Daniher to kick 95 this season.


Of course auto correct! McPhee and Laverde are almost identical with the exception of the way they sound and all the letters involved


Maybe he just had a slight niggle the other day, I don’t know, but he looked fine to me today and as I said seemed to be increasing his loads


Another high class analysis. Thanks so much, nackers.


That’s what I observed on Friday. Good to know you have the same opinion on Joe increasing his work load, great news for all.


Not that I have noticed, most of the match practice stuff starts with a clearance towards the middle of the ground rather than from a goals square, and I haven’t really seen any full length match practice yet, the longest I have seen has started from about half back

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I just have this feeling that he’ll make the biggest jump in improvement out of the likes of Francis, Parish and Langford. The season can’t come soon enough!


Concur Matt. Nackers has now firmly established his credentials as our go to/default training reporter. However l still hold out hopes that Jackie and Tiffany will make a return one day, please make it soon.

Good news on the JD watch, although finding nemo will probably be upset that his panic dollars spending spree, will all be for nought. l like the intensity mentioned, especially from Ambrose, and those who think Geufli is just a fringe player, will need to think again, the guy has some serious talent.


Thanks Nackers- look forward to your reports. No footy news on the Sunny Coast (Or Qld!!) so greatly appreciated.

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Top shelf report as usual Nackers. Much appreciated.

Has Rob Harding been involved in the training sessions this preseason?


Ambrose being very caring in his own special way.



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What a guy this Nackers chap is