Training Monday 18/1/16

Training on the McCracken Oval in hot conditions with a strong northerly wind blowing down the ground.

This is a joint report from Karma Bomber and me. Look for his pictures later on “Training Pics 2016.”

Leuenberger didn’t train and appeared late in the session on the outside bikes.
Cooney ran laps but did some limited kicking over short distances which is encouraging.

The most interesting aspect today was going to be the atmosphere amongst the players and coaches. As you might expect with less players meant a quieter session as the group decides who is going to take over the vocal mantle and leadership at training. Interestingly Brendan Goddard was very quiet on field today, perhaps doing more observation and less instruction although he did have an effective quiet word with Edwards towards the end of the session. The players were doing running after their match practice in groups and somewhat surprisingly Edwards was well, well down on endurance. For the final time around Karma Bomber noted Goddard telling him “Come on Shauny you lead the way.” Forcing a tired Edwards to run to the front of the group. We say good work Brendan and the pat on the back he gave him was encouraging.

We saw a new drill today. players were divided into two teams of five lined up along the goal square outwards to the fifty metre arc. Two players hand balled out to their respective teams from the goal line and players hand balled in a chain to the player at fifty metres had to shoot for goal. The team kicking the goal first was the winner and this drill was greeted with enthusiasm. The best players kept the ball low with the wind and it was interesting to note that the players who tried to bounce the ball through were often beaten for speed by the direct shot. The coaches would then switch the players to their non preferred hand. Zac was really good in this situation, quick and precise with his handball with either hand. Parish to Tippa for a nice goal would have warmed blitzes hearts. Bird kicked a nice goal keeping the ball low while Fantasia who trained very well today lost concentration at one stage during the handball chain.
However later in the day he went for an electrifying run and kicked a difficult goal into the wind.

The ruck duels between Gach and McKernan were interesting. McKernan out bodied his less experience opponent and Gach tried to counter him with his great spring. At one stage he deliberately went behind Shaun and tried to leap over him but was far too far back. A work in progress but very raw at this stage.

Brown spent a lot of time at full forward today and performed credibly beating Gwilt on the lead twice and goaling. He looked less confident being forced to take a shot from the boundary when Tippa ran to the pocket instead of leading up the ground for a centring pass. Skippy has a great relationship with Tippa and put his arm around him as he patiently explained where he wanted him to run.

Hartley played on Joe and did reasonably well while Parish shows his disposal skills and Hams was a terrier in the packs. I agree with Karma that Eaades is wonderfully deadly around the goals and it was also pleasing to see Kommer moving with great freedom and doing all of the training.

A satisfactory session in the circumstances. Karma pointed out that towards the end of the session the skills dropped off as the younger players tired and I suspect this might be a pattern in our games this year.

Thanks guys for the reports. Good to hear about the footy, makes a change.

Thanks for the report, Jackie and Karma. I was just wondering whether you were going to say anything about Eades, when he made an appearance at the end under the pseudonym “evades”. And it’s great news about Kommer, but worrying about Leuenberger.

Thanks for the report. How was kommer?

Parish to Tippa

New username confirmed.

When you put all the crap aside for the minute this really is an expectational opportunity for many players on our list to be given a chance to make a name for themselves.

Think about it. 22 games in Hams. 22 Games into Edwards. 22 Games into Jerrett.
It’s make or break for a lot of these guys.

I like the idea of Eades being referred to as Evades

I like the idea of Eades being referred to as Evades

yestin vades.

Thanks JM and KB. A much needed slice of normalcy returns to Blitz.

Yestin eades Walters for breakfast

I like the idea of Eades being referred to as Evades

evades the pack.

Darth Evades

Thanks guys for the reports. Will be interesting to see who steps us.

Thanks for the report, great to see they are getting on with the job. The meaning of a top side in 2017 is starting now!

Yestine Vades.

Yay another derailed thread.

It was derailed at McCracken …

Yay another derailed thread.

It’s just gone for a wander. They usually come back.

Yay another derailed thread.

It’s just gone for a wander. They usually come back.

Depends how evasive Yestin is.

Anyone know how Ashby is tracking and where he has been training ? reckon he can hold down a back flank for us in 16