Training Monday 20/1/14

Training in mild, breezy conditions at Tullamarine.

David and Saladin were both here today so there should be some good photos.

Bomber came and had a friendly chat today. He is justifiably concerned about confidential information being posted that might damage the club but seemed fine when I told him that I don’t report on injuries and use my discretion with what I reveal.

I took the opportunity to ask what was happening with ruck coaching and he told me we weren’t having one. I think the pros and cons of this might be a suitable topic for a separate thread.

The main drill today was a practice match on the main oval with some tackling.

Edwards, Hooker, Raynor and Thurlow did separate work on the other oval and I didn’t see Dempsey today.

In the main match I was interested to see Steinberg at full forward for one of the teams and he led well and looked dangerous.

Colyer was running well but scrubbed a couple of kicks and Melsham again ran laps. He is moving really well and doesn’t appear injured.

Hurley played on Daniher and they had some good battles in the air and when the ball hit the ground.

It was interesting that the game was played without ruck men - Paddy and Joe both being used as forwards while the kids did the rucking to start play.

The coach wanted more talking on the field and constantly emphasised this.

Carlisle was marking well up forward and Winders is looking very impressive in the forward line also.

Hocking chased a long way up the ground to lay a good tackle on O’brien and Hams was prominent with his ball winning ability and a nicely drilled left foot pass and Ashby moved the ball well out of defence deep in a crowded forward line.

The club is very pleased with Zac Merrett who is showing a great deal of promise.

Later on goals were set up across the width of the ground and players were rotated in ten on ten sessions of possession footy moving the ball around by hand and foot while defenders tried to pressure the turnover.

The players enjoyed this drill immensely and we’re very vocal in their encouragement and criticism when players made mistakes. For example Fletcher had the ball and when confronted by Hocking sold him a great dummy handball much to Heppell 's delight who shouted out “selling candy!” With a W.C.Fields accent.

Hibbert did three my lovely kicks - one for a longish goal and the other two excellent long passes.

The drill emphasised transition out of defence, pressure and precise ball movement.

As training ramped up there was a series of length of the ground drills bringing the ball from defence to the forward line to score. There was great emphasis on using the corridor and playing on quickly to avoid the defensive pressure that Goddard was emphasising with his “squeeze them, squeeze them.”

Bomber was yelling out Dell “Wheel and go, too slow, just kick the ■■■■■■■ ball.” Keep at it, keep at it, keep running."

Bomber’s constant urging was to talk, use your voice and get there to outnumber.

The session continued until after one o’clock today and I suspect the coach wants to see who keeps going and who doesn’t. I believe that it was a bit the same in Colorado to see who would ■■■■■ and hang back and who would keep dealing with whatever confronted them.

Training was very upbeat today and bit by bit the game plan is being developed and the players are absorbing a huge amount of information in a controlled manner from the huge coaching staff who seem to be working very well together.

loving your work JM

Love it, cheers JM.

Thanks again JM.

Highlight of my day.

Interesting Bomber having a word to you.

Wonder how many spy’s watching the training.

Hard to control information getting to rival clubs with open training sessions.

Our game plan / style will be found out sooner or later… Especially game days.

It would appear that Bomber also loves reading your reports on Blitz JM. I think given Steinberg’s pre season, the sooner he gets elevated to the main list the better.

awesome work JM.

is chapman doing any work through the middle or mostly up forward?

Did Bomber address you as Sir Jackie when he spoke to you?

Who from the current coaching panel would be best qualified to coach the ruckman? Could it be that our newest board member will do some ruck coaching?

Great stuff again Jackie, 


Went to my first session at the HPC today so thought I'd share a few observations and recounts from the session for those who couldn't be there, probably largely the same as Jackies but I'll stick to the match simulation mostly. First thing I noticed after hearing and reading people questioning the wind out near the airport but today I didn't think it was a hell of a lot different to what we'd usually get at the school end of Windy Hill which can be like kicking into a blizzard sometimes.


The five point kicking warm up drill caught my attention because it seemed so basic, something my under 18 team would do and honestly thought elite sportsman wouldn't do that sort of thing but there they were, there were plenty of scuffed short passes, majority of blokes going through the motions as you'd probably expect but Stanton was very vocal and I thought showed good leadership, as did Heppell - if there's any betting markets open on our next captain load up on that man getting the job. 


Small group of Edwards, Thurlow, Hooker and Rayner were running 200's on Etihad, not sure if it was a rehab group or what because they all seemed to be moving fine. At one stage walked past and Doc Reid asked Cale if he was alright and he replied "100%" before Doc replied "Then why aren't you out there? You too Rayner you weak medical student!"  :lol:


The match simulation drill had three teams, yellow, blue and black, with one team on the sidelines and rotating in every 5 minutes or so. Largely started out on the wings with a clearance situation. Early on NOB looked good, as did Bag's who took a good strong defensive mark over the top of Zach Merrett, poor delivery into the forward line though it must be said but Baguely was my pick for the under 10's Friday night canteen award for the best trainer today, was very good. Hardingham up forward led well, just missed a shot on goal to the right hand side. Was hardly fluent early on, at one stage Pears had it in the back pocket, Jobe called for him to go inside before Tayte had a slight McPhee 'prop, stop, almost fall over and use the wrong option' moment, resulting in plenty of "farking hell use the inside" before Jobe went for a chat and said "that's the one we've gotta go inboard with."


Noticed majority of our kick outs used a huddle, not sure if I haven't been paying much attention but don't remember us using an out and out huddle to free up options previously? Probably wrong. Defensive kick ins was a slight weakness today, most blokes who took one farked one up and Pear's unleashed at one point on the players up the ground for not making enough options. Overall the kicking was quite scrappy but understandable for early January, there was one play where Hurls took off through the centre from half back, scrubbed a kick to Colyer who in reply scrubbed one straight back. Looked like lots of the boys were rushing their kicks but hopefully that composure will increase.


For all the Jetta watchers he was typically smooth for moments, and awkward at others. One occasion tried to dance around 5 defenders 45 out from goal before getting hammered, before a chorus of "fark me jett just get rid of the thing" and similar comments. Redeemed himself on the very next play chopping off a ball at CHF and running into an open goal.


Dempsey was definitely out there in number 42 for the early bit of the drill but then disappeared, before Dustin switched teams and I heard him say "I'm just on for Demps" so not sure if there's an injury or what, fingers crossed it's nothing.




Oh and it took me 25 minutes but I remembered who the invisible man Van Unen was.

Great reports, thanks!

sensational update!!!

Thanks Abers13. Awesome reporting.

muchos gracias senors

Interesting that Bomber should raise his concerns about open training, I don't think he would be specifically concerned about Jackie's reports but there would no doubt be several club spies turning up to take notes and pics and vids.

Are there going to be any private sessions at any stage and is it possible to have a private session at the new joint?  

Quality reports from jackie and abers13. Very much appreciated.

The “three squad” drill described by Abers was characterised by all squads struggling to move the ball well from the airport end. A tricky breeze, rusty kicking skills and good organising from the pressing side saw a lot of turnovers forced at half back. Defensive transition and -on the flip side- ball movement to cope with it, seems to be a big focus.

At work, so a few brief thoughts:

Stein seems destined for the forward line, and was impressive. I thought his early years at the club were characterised by a lack of intensity onfield. He led strongly at the footy today, demanding the ball more often and was vocal about the setups. Might have found his confidence.

We (supporters) want Hibbo running with the footy forward of centre. Trust me, we do. The bloke will drill plenty of goals or spear the pass in if we can free him up.

Dalgleish is becoming a nicely rounded player. I think Gleeson is too.

My first viewing of Zac Merrett left me impressed. Moved very nicely through traffic a couple of times, good peripheral vision.

The new lads spent some time on etihad, doing what I suspect was a positioning instruction drill. Positioning relative to each other in a certain situation, with Nob and Hams offering the “experienced” voices.

Hocking looks in great nick. The full length ball movement drill saw one of the blue squads move the ball very well. This group was built around stants, howlett and hocking.

Anyone who held the ball up for more than a few seconds copped an absolute bake from Bomba, which drew much mirth from all except the unfortunate recipient.

Hurls played back on Carlisle or Joe. He is good body on body. His long kicking to position could be a real weapon. His shorter kicks need some work.

I still think Gregory has some promise.

The Esprit d’Corps seems VERY high. I love how focussed and determined Bomba is. Training feels old school. The medical /physio guys are in force, but the feeling I had is they work within the parameters set by the coach. Training runs by Thompson’s drum, how he wants things done and for as long as he deems necessary , and everyone else fits in with that. The vibe is good, it feels like footy. Old style. I liked it.

I won’t add too much more, that’s the first session I’ve seen and I’d like to see a few more for some context.

Photos later if they look ok.

We (supporters) want Hibbo running with the footy forward of centre. Trust me, we do. The bloke will drill plenty of goals or spear the pass in if we can free him up.
Photos later if they look ok.





Thanks guys for the updates.

awesome work JM.
is chapman doing any work through the middle or mostly up forward?

He's doing some work in the middle, some on the wing and some up forward and is going very well.  If he and Winderlich can nboth be in the forward line at the same time it will be very interesting.


awesome work JM.
is chapman doing any work through the middle or mostly up forward?

He's doing some work in the middle, some on the wing and some up forward and is going very well.  If he and Winderlich can nboth be in the forward line at the same time it will be very interesting.


i'll be in the lid off thread if anyone needs me.

Gents, I've read a bit about Zac, But any reports on how Jackson is going?