Training Monday 26/11/18

Cool, overcast & a few drops of rain

Hepp, Fridge, Lav, Ben McNeice, Mitch B, Joe training over on Eithad


Any sign of the new draftees?

are they just observing today?

Does Houlahan still exist?


They are all here but doing some ‘media’, getting their photos taken

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Previous “first training after the draft” sessions have just seen the newbies observing too.



all eyes on moz

Bundle all those pegs together and you still don’t have one Jobe leg.


It seems like a few of us have written him off. I think he has heaps of talent and just needs to click professionally. I would really appreciate it if track watchers would provide the occasional update on his progress.

I read that Tom Jok was 193cm on the Collingwood VFL site.
If Noah Gown is 194cm then that is some amazing trick photography going on there…

Based on the assumption that Gown is genuinely 194cm by that photo Jok is actually about 180cm…


Maybe the grass is sloping, but I am surprised at how short Tom Jok looks compared to the others. Certainly Gown looks a good size.

Gown looks a good size - a true 194+ cm. Even with the slope I don’t think that Jok is 193cm

It’s just the photo. I watched Jok going head to head with Sam Draper in the ruck a couple of months ago. He’s tall and he has an incredible leap.


Agreed its just a photo.

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Yes. training today

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At the risk of sounding racist, I have to say that the africa guys although often light weight seem to compete very well against heavier guys very well


There is a definite and pronounced grass slope to create an illusion.

Thats more like it.

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Quite some illusion. They say photos do not lie ? These guys are walking alongside each other