Training Monday 3/12/18


An ANZAC debut may finally work in our favour


Who knows, it’s happened in the past. Michael Barlow was a rookie and came from nowhere to be a star in his first season. Maybe Collingwood were planning on taking him with there first pick in the rookie draft and we beat them to it


Seems to be up to the mark (at least) physically.
He’ll probably have a few rough edges, Guelfi style.

I’d hazard a guess he’ll get the most games in year 1 of this batch.


Getting a little worried about Smith. Managing loads is one thing, but not taking part in ANY sessions is something else.


I counted 13 players who were either in the modified group or didn’t train at all. This seems a really high no. Hopefully it just reflects a cautious approach and some personalised programming re loads etc.
I must say I always find it impressive how they seem to seamlessly run a session that keeps everyone occupied and doing constructive things, when you constantly have as many as this out, and have to plan your drills according to who is going to be in the different groups.


With Shiel, Hepp, Myers & Langford we do seem to have inside mids covered. The club should send Sheeds to Africa to bring back an entire team of Alirs & Joks.


That’s great to hear.
One of Lav’s problems has been lack of a tank.
He’ll develop one running with Ambrose.


If he can take over the mantle of Mr CrossFit, he’ll get more than just a tank.

He’ll become one.

Then we might get a midfield/forward beast trio of Stringer, Langford and Laverde. All similar height and weight.

We are going to have an insane team to match up on next year.


No time wasted getting Zac Clarke into the club.


Another outstanding training report from @nackers. Thank you. Is there another session on Wednesday?


Jok showed more in one game against us in the VFL than Majak has shown in all of his games put together.


Great report Nackers

I would not be surprised to see Jok break into the 1st 22 early and hold his position. Would love to see him on the wing for sure.
He is going to shock many people with his unique combo of speed, endurance skills and leap.
Dare i say it, we got a gem with this kid - assuming he makes the best 22, who is going to miss out ?
To me he could comfortably play wing, half forward or half back along with cameos in the ruck.
Although he isn’t a giant, he has this leap that is phenomenal. He is also extremely quick. I guess Saad Mckeena & the Mosquito may have some competition for pure speed.

Cant wait to see Jok create some chemistry with Fantasia, Daniher and Stringer & co.


Don’t have to go Africa


If Jok is best 22 next year he is going to be one of the biggest rookie steals of all time, especially considering we pinched him from under Collingwood’s an St Kilda’s noses.


Thank you Sheltonm much appreciated.

I have always gone with the theory (and has been backed up by other training watchers with inside knowledge) that unless there is something like a training camp or a special event, pre season training is on every Monday, Wednesday or Friday starting around 10am. If you ring the club they will only give you the advertised training dates so it’s a little bit of a leap of faith, but I’ve only once gone along and it hasn’t been on those days.


Many thanks. There’s a small but discernible chance I may turn up on Wednesday just for the experience.


Daw had a good year in 2018, Was one of Norths most improved for sure.


I made the call after about the second training session last year that Guelfi would play a fair bit of senior football and was asked then who’s place he would take. I didn’t know then and I don’t know now with Jok, but if he’s good enough he will find a spot.

I would like to see him in a few more contested drills first though before making a call on him for this year, with all his natural assets there surely must be something he’s missing.

Then again maybe a few clubs thought they would get him cheap in the rookie draft as generally happens with more mature players and we just got lucky


If you get the chance I would turn up, it’s amazing what you can pick up, particular if you focus on a few different players.

Just one piece of advice - bring binoculars. There are generally 4 or 5 different groups going at once and they can be 300 metres apart. Unless you have exceptional eyesight it’s just about impossible to follow without them, and you certainly can’t get all the detail.


I heard that has has become very good mates with Ambrose, they even went away on holidays together and trained together while they were away. He couldn’t get a better role model for preparation than Ambrose and has certainly come back in ripping nick.