Training Monday 6/3/17

Training this morning in pleasant conditions with a light breeze from the city end.

Modified group - Hurley, Green, Morgan, Smack, Redman

Everyone else out there in main group from what I can see, including Hooker, Bellchambers and Draper.

They have just completed some warm-ups and handball drills and now have broken up into different groups, some inside the hanger.

More to come…


What’s wrong with Morgan? Another soft tissue injury?

It ain’t a Jackie post, nor even a full report, but oh yeah, first like, claiming it.


Doesn’t look like a soft tissue, he seems to be moving well

Hooker sighted!


Thank fark Hooker is back in full training and Belly appears to be ahead of schedule which is great also.

Others in mod group not concerned about. Hurley got stepped on, Morgan moving freely and the others would just be load management.

Myers aside list is in good shape it seems, and he is only a finger issue so can keep running.


In one of the handball drills there were 2 groups both trying to get through a goal at either end in a very confined space. Everyone was struggling to move it. Twice McGrath went over the top of everyone with a great handball to score for his team. His handballing skills will be something special.


Diesel McGrath


“Rah Rah”

Really missing the “Strike Out” button in the new editor. Any chance of adding it Riolio?

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An editor of that ilk, would just about make this the ultimate forum platform.

Hooker and Bellchambers now join modified group after about an hour with the main group. Bellchambers looks in surprisingly good nick, Hooker a bit rusty.

Draper is very raw but I like the look of him, did some great defensive efforts.

McGrath has had a couple of beautiful runs through traffic, he has a great little shimmy on him, a bit like Tippa


Two very exciting sentences right there.


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Oh dear God. You know what you’ve just done don’t you???

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Hmmm, when you say BBCode, … that means typing in a whole lot of stuff manually … after going & looking it up doesn’t it?

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Fair that people aren’t really hyped about him but all panic dollars should be on Morgan. He’s really battling it seems.

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When I first saw McGrath in game sim at the club, he was playing lockdown, Each game I see, each report I read he seems to be coming out of his shell and playing more like we saw in his draft video of run and slick handball. No doubt, he has done the hard yards in lock down training and now the coaches are letting him off the leash. He is not a lock for round 1 yet, but he is starting to show he can bring it at AFL level.
If Mills & Boon did it off half back last year for Sydney, Pigeon McGrath is going to do it for us this year.


Silly hat day at training?


Not specifically at you but I don’t necessarily think that McG has to play Round 1… in fact it might not be a bad thing to delibrately leave him out of round 1. Hawks are a nasty team with a bad habit of going out of their way to “intimidate” (read: hurt) new/young players.

Whilst it is nice to talk about mcG standing up to it… or whatever… I would prefer to let a little bit of the edge come off the players and then let him loose around May… Round 4/5, assuming he is ready.

I realise it has become the norm to chuck the young guns straight into action but I don’t think it hurts to let them earn a spot and it is only the first year.


We desperately need quick small defenders for Rioli, Puopolo and Breust. We would be shooting ourselves in the foot if we don’t pick him.


I just have to use that as my profile pic.