Training Monday November 11 - anticipation

I think that is fair and reasonable. Final proof will be in what they achieve by the end of 2020, with a few key boxes to tick along the way.

This peseason is interesting
things id like reported on.

  • Development of new irish players.
  • where new recruits Cutler and Phillips are in the pecking order…ie best 22 or outside.
  • whats changed coaching - is Truck running the show, Is woosha stepping back in his role like Sheedy used to and let the assistants run the drills. What has Caracella added.
  • The Vibe of the group, is everyone up and about.

Really hope we are switched on next year and get a good start to the season.

He heads our JHA.

I’m surprised there hasn’t been any assistant coaching announcements noting we missed Solly.

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Couldn’t disagree more. I’ve seen him do some horrible butchers across field on his left.

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I heard JD has already moved to Sydney* to escape the bubble that is Blitz.

*may not be true.

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Mozzie the only one wearing black. Its slimming you know.


Anyone else worried about his right leg?


Looks like Mozzie has hopped right into Preseason.


I didn’t think the hammy tear was that bad!


I’ve missed that positivity.


Showing enormous courage to still stump up for training regardless, …


He was supporting @Heather_Mills in her charity.

they never are at first, but once the swelling goes down…


Heather needs more support than most people.

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That’s fair, I like using his left in straight lines, not across his body

Has shown serious dedication to removing that excess weight.


Not sure he really thought that one through.

More concerned at how he’s keeping up with the other three players.
The Club claimed those Irishmen were blisteringly quick.
But not quicker than a one-legged Mozzie?

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I’m sorry but they shouldn’t let Hooker near the place until February. That way he may actually last until September for once!

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Blow the siren.

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