Training next week

I’ve been told that the last two sessions before the Christmas break will be Monday and Wednesday.


At what time on those days can we expect you to post comprehensive reports? Please be punctual and provide an adequate amount of high resolution photo’s. Also, don’t forget to provide adequate context for every comment. Please focus on my favourite players, you can find them by reviewing my posting history. You’re welcome.


Gold Coast Suns future training dates seem far more confidently scheduled from what I am hearing.

Their social media team are wearing mouthguards too.


I thought it was a lot easier for people new to the game - McKenna, Quinn, Cox (pies)
Than those who had been kicking a footy since they were 4 and had their own way they had to unlearn first.

When do they start up again in January?

Irish players have to have a near perfect ball drop given round ball/conditions so naturally release the ball lower


Don’t listen to this @jackie_mihocek. Just give us a Tiffany update


Looking at getting to a training. What time would they usually start on Monday?

Boxing Day if Brad had his way

It seems pointless to have the full squad together for 3 weeks and then they are off for three weeks at XMAS. They would be better to come back from their break on January 2 and then they would have an uninterrupted training block.

Probably doesn’t effect our squad much, more likely coaches and support staff, but for other squads synching in with school holidays for kids would be important.

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They are training today. Probably right now.

It does seem pointless, but through the xmas break (just like between our final game and the first day of training) players can continue coming to the club and doing their training blocks that are set by the S&C staff.

There’s usually around 4 or 5 players who prefer using the Hangar facilities than pay for their own gymnasium membership.
There is also an internal messaging system (think of what office workers use Microsoft Teams) for players and staff to keep in touch during the break.

I think the group end up getting back around the second or third week of January. Aside from the mid season break, this is the longest and obviously the most important training blocks for the season. I wouldn’t be too worried about the number of players in rehab group or whether a player misses a training session prior to xmas. But you’d want to at least be at or close to your peak training loads by late January.

Just like Hind last season who didn’t return to full training until the middle of February, he had to come back through VFL and didn’t get his first game until round 3 and didn’t get back to his level of performance until round 10ish.
Compare that to someone like Parish (who missed training sessions in January and prior to xmas) but got his full block in January and was ready for round 1 of the season and performed to the level he has in previous seasons.


When does training kick-off in 2024?

Website says Tuesday, but I expect they’d be there Monday.


Read on Twitter there might be a session tomorrow at 9am


Yes was told there will be a 9am training session tomorrow of some sort


Tomorrow probs a bit of a ‘back to school first day’ type session… A bit of a calibration. Then after this, our interest will be on who’s graduated to the main training…

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Hopefully Mckay,Duursma,Stringer are ready to fully train

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Stringer was doing laps at the Hangar today. Wont be cleared for full training as yet i reckon. Needs more laps/fitness post surgery