Training Notes: December 5, 2018


He’s resting until after Xmas.


Just give Francis a bottle of water, he will turn it into a bottle of Grange


When you break an AFL record for tackles and do the k’s each game he does plus given his injury history it’s a smart move.


One of my favourite Francis tricks (all you latecomers can nick off) is when he jumps to grab the ball and then shoots the handball off before he returns to the ground.


Irish vs BIG BOI… Yeah Baby


Did anybody see Fyfe’s interview a few weeks ago he basically said he won’t be anywhere near peak condition now and will aim to get close to that in March and then progress further during the season. The clubs is clearly taking this approach with a few of ours guys, including Smith.


What about the one where he starts on the wing, sees the ball being kicked in to the centre of the ground, runs at full speed and launches, twisting in the air marking the ball in front of the pack of players waiting for the ball drop. I mean its a good skill to take a run and jump more or less in line with the ball, but to do that. Its special.


You want me to list all his tricks?

Ain’t nobody got that much time.


Thanks Deckham for the great report.

How was McKenna moving today?


What’s your take on whether Francis looks noticeably leaner and harder than before? Does he or doesn’t he?


I didn’t focus on him mate, other than noting that he spent quite a bit of time on the 2nd oval do runs with the modified session group.


One should keep in mind that these young new players come in at 18 or 19, and then develop naturally - turning from kids to men, almost. The body changes, simply from growing up - especially while being on a loose diet regime and training. What I’ve noticed, is that yes, Francis’ body-shape has changed a little. He used to have over-sized quads and be a little on the softer side upper-body. It has evened up a little. He still has powerful legs, but his upper body is widening and toning. His leg-to-torso ratio is a bit like Langford - or mine come to think of it - long torso, shorter legs - which gives him good balance and agility. He’s a ‘tall’ without the spindly legs talls often have. I think he could afford to slim down the muscle mass in his quads further, which would aid him in longer distance running.


Many thanks. Very informative.


If he’s going to be inside midding in time this is going to be a big positive for him.

If that transition really does happen he could be up there with best inside mids in comp because he is also freakish overhead, and ball use magnificent.


I’d be very interested to see what would happen if they through Stewart on the ball in the vfl (not as a ruckman mind you). Hmmmm…


Flatten O’Meara last year.
Sidearse and Cotchin this year.
2020 a human wrecking ball


Thanks nackers for the report. also youre a genius for thinking about Mozzie finishing up year 11.

i just looked it up:
Thursday 12 December Term 4 Ends”

Imagine sitting in a classroom knowing once the semesters out, youre off to the best footy club in the country. would be very distracting…


No bread loafs though,I hope.


For the last 4 wks of school, the yr 11 students are doing the first 4 wks of yr 12 work (since they would have finished their yr 11 exams in Nov).
Thus my post earlier as to whether he might have started yr 12 and whether it would be in Gippsland or a school in Melbourne.


It has been mentioned a fair bit, that him and heppell have been given extended time off/not being rushed back due to their previous injury historys & toll on their bodys this year. Crowe also has mentioned a few times aswell :blush: