Training Notes: Tuesday December 4, 2018


No I just watch the match reviews on the Sunday Footy Show, but only if Bill is doing them. I’ve never seen an entire game. Although once I went to Telstra Dome to watch my hero Aaron Hennerman, but we were down by a goal at qrt time so I left.


Oh right. Now your comments make more sense!


People just think of that contest against Worpel, a contest he lost by trying a move that works 4 times out of 5 for him, and then apply it to the entirety of his football.

People who think Hurley should play a different role, have a differing opinion to the coaches. People who think Hurley is a soft, outside floater are clueless.


And now when people think of Worpel that’s what they think about. Ask any Hawthorn supporter. Which is actually a credit to how good Hurley is.


In fairness - we do that with Hurls & Tredrea.


There is such a tendency to laud the one contest that results in a score that wins the game. The reality is that the ball is oval in shape and in each game, on average each side wins about 140 contested possessions and the balance of these across a whole game is what puts a team in contention to win.


Yeah. It’s just the excitement factor that come with game sealer that gives everybody a stiff.

I hate it when players get blasted for losing that 1 contest, like they lost the whole game.

In contrast it’s still cool when a young player like Worpel get’s credit for the match winner though. Great for his confidence.


Yep it burns in memories
like Hooker chasing Buddy down the wing and Buddy kicking the Goal.
Its good now Hooker has a match winning goal against Hawks.

Francis lining up O’Meara and giving him concussion of the ribs.
Ambrose burying Hill in the MCG Turf
Fletcher chase down on Garlett

The tide is turning and we will be inflicting more pain on the Hawks in years to come.
Can’t wait for Clarko to be punching holes in the wall again.


Worpel was on the Blitz draft radar last year as being worth a pick in our range. He looks like being a good pickup for Hawthorn, at least until they trade him for some 28 year old fading star in 2019.


Personally I think that’s crap. I think people think of Hurley being torched in 1 on 1 contests on regular occasions in 2017 and the first half of 2018. Plus he had the role of being a ball distributor during that time and his primary focus wasn’t stopping his opponent.

Clearly his role changed halfway through 2018 and it became more like his 2015 role and we saw some glimpses of the 2015 Hurley (eg. Franklin game).

So it seems the coaches saw that they needed to change Hurley’s role. Hopefully it doesn’t change back in 2019 to the 2017 role.


Oh you mean 2017 when he was All Australian? Give me a break. All defenders get “torched” from time to time.


That Hurley was AA in 2017 just goes to show that its a celebrity contest (either that, or KP defenders in 2017 were rubbish across the league). Hurley is still a good player, but his 1:1 contests have been a weakness since he came back from the year off, with a few exceptions (like the Franklin match). Now, he’s frequently not been asked to play that role, but when he has his performances have been nothing like they were in 2015.


I think this argument is akin to the old “Fletcher isn’t a good defender because he doesn’t take the best forward”


He’s a gun, we are very lucky to have him in our team. End of story.


Can we not have anymore threads destroyed by all this silly Hurley Burly


Change the name of this thread to 'Hurley Sucks" and contain it here.


The Hurley/Worpel has been over-played and fails to consider the context of the game - In a normal situation, Hurley would fist the ball twenty metres forward - But because it was a close game, he tried to finesse his spoil, so he could gain possession on the ground.