Training on Black (and Red) Friday - 2019-12-13

‘Telling it how it is’ is usually an indication that the bloke is a ■■■■-end.


Does anyone have comparative numbers from this time last year or year before in terms of players completing full training pre Christmas?

Shiel and Merrett sound minor.

We already knew hooker and zacka (especially) were just about cooked.

The rest we knew would be out til christmas months ago

@Riolio keeps detailed stats on this. :rofl: Pity he doesn’t post any more

Cornes Top 8 is a mess. Adelaide is my pick for the team most likely to slide down the ladder. They imploded last season and are still feeling the fallout, as players have lined up to walk out. That is a club in complete disarray.

Putting his old team into the 8 smacks of bias as well. They have done nothing to convince that they are capable of lifting themsleves into the finals.

As for the article on Essendon? There was not one new insight into the team. Everything he raises is a rehash of things that have been said before.

And he gets paid for what is basically plagiarism.

I think that’s his top 8 from last season Jack.

Quite a few had Adelaide up around the top.

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I’m struggling to find many teams we’ll comfortably be better than.

Pre season injuries after last years debacle of a start leave me in a cold sweat and looking at our draw - we really need to make the most of a soft first half of the season as the run home looks tough.

If the ■■■■ falls out in the first half of the season I suspect woosh will walk and we’ll finish bottom four. Now where is that lid on thread?

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At least we have our first round draft pick next year.

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Plus 2 or 3 from Joe and raz

Not sure how anyone can get upset about what the football commentators are saying about the club, especially after the last 15 years performances.

Wet toilet paper has shown more strength than this club on the field.


So anyone know who will likely be num one pick in the mid season draft?..looks like we are in prime position


I can find 17 of them.

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I can’t see how we lose a game.


Kane Cornes knows how to wind up the nuffies. Therefore I don’t mind him.


Plenty of nuffies in here to wind up


There’s no chance we dont finish bottom 4-6 next year

I wouldn’t mind to be honest.

Early round 1 draft pick.
Potential extra 1st rounder for Daniher

A lot of academy and father sons picks allowing us to sell those picks for a Kings ransom to clubs looking to get picks in before their academy kids are bid on.

Puts a lot of pressure on the club to let Worsfold walk early and we can start the rebuild.

Drop the senior players who aren’t a part of our future and give the kids some exposure.

Send whoever needs surgery in very early and give ourselves a shot at a relatively uninterrupted preseason.


I have no idea how people think this

We made the finals this year (in fact only a few games out of top4). And we’ve improved the squad (can include players returning from injury), improved coaching personnel and fitness/conditioning.

To expect us to regress you’d have thought we’d have traded out a bunch of important players, and only gone youth angle as opposed to bringing in experienced AFL players improving both our senior side and the depth we call upon.


There are 4-5 clubs below us on the ladder who are likely to improve more than us in 2020.

Considering we have been a 12 win team for 3 years straight, with no improvement. Plus There is a logjam of clubs pushing for finals… 12th or 13th is on the cards imo.

I’m not exactly sure which senior coach is going to be accountable to poor performance.


Just straight out pessimism to think that & upon no factual basis

I know people will just call me an optimist but fark why would you want to think anything other than that. May as well not watch footy if you going to be a negative sad sack about it & given up on the players and club already, which it seems a heap in here have.