Training on Lordo’s [sic] birthday

Many happy returns to the great man.

So, training. Sunny, warm and windy morning. Pretty much everyone on the track, except Mutch, Z. Clarke, Stewart and Smith. McKernan doing rehab, slow walking and a bit of light walking.

Some match sim, which was blended between the main oval for the whole group and two ovals with half on each. Organisation was good, in terms of defensive set up, seemed quite hard to get the ball through. Shiel moved beautifully as ever, but still flunked a few kicks (mind you, everyone did with the wind.)

On Daniher, his leading seemed okay. I still reckon modified game time in the VFL for a week might be good for him.

Mozzie tackled Hurley to the ground, got winded, showed his usual flash.

Draper spent time in match sim as a ruck, then did some forward marking and goal-kicking by himself. Interesting with Clarke not training.

Drill included chain of passes at half back/wing then a kick into the 50 to a 1v1 target. The chain of passes looked great, but kept falling down with a poor pass into the forward target. It was a bit of a problem on Saturday, but then again, some of the passing was really good.


How did TBell look?

Draper could be giving him a rest this week


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Was Francis cracking in? Interested to see how he responds to getting dropped.

What about Ridley? Rumours that he has a hand injury, any sign?

Did not see anything happen you Rids, but I left at 11.

Francis stuffed up a kick, only real time I saw him. Hard with players on two ovals.

Belly doesn’t look quite right. Wouldn’t mind Draper playing instead of him this week.


So it’s true - you really do play like you train.

At times on Saturday our forward line entries were horrendous, particularly in Q2 and Q3. If it were better we’d have been 12 goals up at half-time.
Let’s face it, our forward forays have been haphazard for years now. It’s one aspect of our game (along with kick-ins) which has long needed major attention…

To clarify, @MattPocock18, Ridley allegedly did the injury on the weekend. So if you saw nothing, all seems good.

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The rumours were that he hurt his hand in the game. So he was training today?

He was there today, took a nice overhead mark.


Ridley lives…


So, he’s not cooked?


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@MattPocock18 is myers okay after the boot to the head?

Woosha: Hold me beer, Matt.


That’s great news that Ridley trained.

I don’t think it’s alleged. Great that he’s training.

He should be made to earn his spot. He’s basically missed a year of footy.

Let him actually work for his place in the side, put together 2 or 3 really good weeks in the 2’s then bring him in.

We’ve played better football without him so there should be no rush to get him in.

Thanks for the training report. :+1:


I get people are saying that we played better without Joe.

That’s not because Joe wasn’t playing, that was because since Carlton game last year we have changed tactics etc, got rid of Mark Neeld.

Imagine a fit and firing Daniher replacing Zack Clarke up forward in the current system!


Thanks Matt- always look forward to training reports.


Seems to have been the case for 4 weeks now.

So many of our young guys have had injuries just at the moment when their careers have looked set to launch. eg Begley, Mutch, Francis, Redman, even Joe.

I’m so happy that Ridley is ok as he was fantastic last weekend. Its been mentioned but that clean set of heels he showed the Brisbane player on the wing was awesome to see.

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