Training Report 2022 Rd. 3

Guess we’re not bothering already again?

They would’ve had today off (Heppell seems to have hosted the entire defensive group and Gia at his place for a bit of a get together/bonding session). Light recovery session yesterday, main training will be tomorrow.


Yep. Captains run Thursday, match Friday.

Thanks mate. I’m out of the loop. Just hoping someone has the fortitude to deep going for those who can’t make it.

Also, I’m in between contracts at the moment, so I forget what day it is quite easily.

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Main training will always be 2 days before match day, so you can count back from there to work out training days (and what day of the week it is… :laughing: )


I can’t promise anything but I’ll try :nerd_face: :grimacing:

(can’t even fekin post properly)

Probably the first training report I’ve started ever…

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Hey, go back, edit your first post, and toss in some comments about the weather & wind conditions.
You’ll get an easy 30 likes anyway.

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I’ll be sure to do that on the day of training and reading the reports on training on the day it happens - if I can work out a certain day minus two. :grinning:

Where is the roll round Robert Rolly rolled round?

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Why wait to be factually accurate.
Just do it now.
A further comment about how Tex wasn’t sighted at training today, without mentioning training wasn’t actually on, might even fire up another 100 responses- once Blitz gets going no one goes back to the top of the Thread anyway.