Training Report 30 April 2021

My first one for a while, and probably last for a while. Placement coming up.

Beautiful day at the Hangar, almost a full contingent at training.

Not seen: Moz, Gleeson, Clarke, Hurley, Francis (I doubt he’ll play). Draper was there but did not train on the ovals.

Modified: Caldwell (looking pretty good good running session and did a little goal kicking ), Phillips (doesn’t look too bad), Baldwin (huge unit, interested to see him in actual match sim), Eyre (didn’t look too inhibited.

Smith was in and out of training, Hooker too. Probably just managed. Ridley and Stewart trained fully with no apparent problems.

Match sim drills, today. Still a focus on keeping possession and waiting for the right option. This looks vastly improved on preseason. Some good stuff by Lachie Johnson today.

Some skill errors, some sloppy passes by hand and foot, but that could be because of good pressure. Stringer’s pressure to make up ground on Hind in one instance was very good.

McGrath stayed after everyone left to do extra goal kicking practice. Ever the professional.

Good to have a healthy list, makes a huge difference.

Really excited to see young Bryan this week.


Thanks a lot Matt, appreciate it.

Was there a Matt Guelfi sighting?


ANNOUNCE @Duplicity

Thanks for the report. Also post reported


Great work. Did they split into AFL and VFL groups or mixed it up? If so any notable in’s for the AFL training guys

Did Gleeson train?

He did not, will edit.

And I’d suggest it was mixed.


Love your work, cheers! Nice to hear that Caldwell is starting to ramp up his training - all these exciting youngsters are getting games and it’s a real shame that he and Draper are missing out.

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Thanks @MattPocock18 . Appreciate your efforts. Be really interesting to see who lines up in defence this week.

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Does Stewart look like he will come in.

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Thanks for the report really appreciate it! How about Zach Reid, did he train?

Thanks for the report. Was Guelfi there?

fixed for you

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Guelfi was there, Reid was not.

My thinking is Stewart will come through the VFL, they’ve set a precedent for that. Having said that, wouldn’t surprise me if he plays seniors.


A few points, based on the bold points above.

Good luck with the placement, get excited about it.

Are you saying that Phillips is handsome? That might be going a Bridge Too Far.

Glad to hear that Baldwin is a unit, l am looking forward to him turning out for games, but there is no hurry.

Johnson is another whose progress interests me. I get the impression he will be valuable to us in the long run. Again, there is no hurry to rush him into the team, all in good time.

Like you and everyone else on here, l am also excited with the latest debutant. l am quietly confident he will have a ripper game.

Thanks for your dedication on our behalf, and the report.