Training report 3rd October 2022

Who was wearing 5, 10 and 18?


I want to know where @nackers was.

It’s a bit early in the preseason to be slacking off.

Borderline flying.

Jake Stringer could fit all those number across his ‘wide’ frame

I understand Heppell ignored Phillips lead and kicked to another option.

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I heard they shook hands at the start of training and then Heppell let Phillips roam free. They both racked up plenty of uncontested possessions and ran lots of kms.
Some would say a successful session

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I understand we lost the free kick count.

Daniher still running laps with Fantasia?

I understand at the end of the training session Heppell gave Phillips a hand shake and said nice playing with you the last 5-6 years and enjoy your time in Sydney as they left the training track.

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Did flip slow down so hepp could keep up.

Did Heppell lose the kick to kick as well?

Did Heppell look completely lost given the lack of an opposition player to kick it to?

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