Training Report. December 1

Currently we are hiding from the lightning, bathed in sweat. Your weather has moved south

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6 and 8 are going to be on Essendon kids backs by the end of the 2022 season.

Bookmark it.

Nackers writes the concise notes for a novel. Saladin just writes the novel, with pictures as well. Thanks for an entertaining and interesting read. Sobriquet! I will have to remember that one and use it more often.

Thanks to Nackers, Saladin and the others who put these reports together. The best panacea for the off season. !


Hi All.

Anyone know when the last / last few training sessions are prior to X-mas. Live in Sydney but (assuming no last minute COVID lockdown) planning to be in Melb / Geelong about 17th to 22nd December. Any chance of training during this time.

And thanks for all the training reports!

We may have lost the VFL game at Southport but we won the jackpot prize.

Thanks as always for your fantastic report.


Conor Daly new power and strength coach been teaching the boys wrestling

Me likely toughening up our boys

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Did McDonaugh drop to his knees at any stage and scream freedom with claymore in hand.

And if not why not.


Conor Daly, for what it’s worth.

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Irish too

Our group is going to be a bunch hard kents

Can either of you say anything about Tom Hird today?


I liked what I saw. He’s a bit stronger, has a good turn of pace and I suspect will just quietly and diligently keep improving. Looks a reliable , neat kick .

It’s not going to be an easy side to break into if everyone’s fit.


I can’t shoot photos and report at the same time. Saladin is too good!

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Like his old man

I’m getting excited by Tom

Your apostrophes need a lot of work. Putting them in when you shouldn’t, leaving them out when they should be there.

Hobb’s? FFS!!!


Off one training run, not sure. He’d probably be physically (and definitely mentally) good for a few games early. Maybe more.

One thing that is tough to answer is the outright team balance. Plenty of mids to rotate through the stoppages. And there’s another kid that I suspect is being primed for more midfield minutes. Can Hobbs impact on a forward flank/ pocket? Maybe he can.



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We desperately need a full VFL season, it’s been a massive miss for us and the other young and developing teams in the league.


And a competitive VFL team. It’s really hard for the fringe players to improve and push for selection without a decent professional team.
I really hope we don’t leave it till the last minute like last year.


Two excellent reports, thank you very much.

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So great, thanks so much @saladin and @nackers