Training Report. December 1

Elite training reports

Yes but did they look happy

Two blue ribbon reports there
How’s Kyle Langford looking? Talk THE to me…

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Great reports, thanks guys.

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He looked much older to me today.

Weirdo December babies.


Brilliant report @saladin, magic stuff.

And many thanks as always @nackers.

Genuinely look forward to reading these end of days.

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What a great report - almost an illustrated booklet told with verve and humour.

Great work.




So detailed - excellent report once again.


He does look like he’s developing the 'Hird Chest" somewhat. Obviously a long way of Jim’s physique but a picture from the other day definitely showed some development.

James’ physical make up was quite unique, big Chest without ever being hugely muscle bound in the arms, I always figured his weight training was specifically targeted to functional aspects he figured would help his game unlike say Chris Tarrant who clearly spent pre seasons training beach muscles.

Appreciated the feedback mate.

On the topic of this other possible Mid I Perkins is the kid who will start to get time. Add a for Calwell and Shield on-top of that we have a very good problem. Fact is there will be injuries so spots will be available and Hobbs will have a chance of he’s good enough at some stage. Love it!



Poor bastard being made to train on his birthday

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Training Report Day
Training Report Day
Training Report Day

Today is Thursday :cry: :cry: :cry:

Seriously great reports guys. We are really treated during off season.
We’ve seen the quality of your photos before @saladin. These ones are so crisp and each tells a story.

I had planned to make a smartarse comment that you didn’t get 154 likes as we did for one of the Goldie training reports, then I looked and you are about to tick over to 200! Great to see Blitz is acknowledging the quality and effort of your work guys.


These two are going to hurt some people in the future.

Think Ambrose, tink Tippa on Dangerfield, think the Johnson boys, think Solly, Roger Merrett, Rotten Ronnie Andrews. There’s a new attitude at Bomberland: blue collar, no ■■■■ taken, opposition in fear of us.

Thank you Truck for returning our playing group to what it should be.


Gout? Get off the beers Coxy!

Hobbs body looks out of proportion… chungus level thighs with a petite waste and then way too much hair for his head :grin:

In all seriousness, he looks in ripping nick, ready to go. Can’t wait to see him line up round 1.


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Thank you for the reports guys. Much appreciated!

with verve (@jackie_mihocek) and Sobriquet (from Saladin’s report.) Wowee at last the standard of the English language is improving on Blitz.
BTW great report @saladin. Great reading, well constructed and with a fair garnishing of humor.

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