Training report - Monday 2018-12-17


So…they had less of a losing formula


Did they win the flag?
Didn’t QUITE work.

Talk about Trumpean absolutes, as referenced earlier.
Why bother with qualifying adjectives in the 21st century I ask myself.

Bring on a new training report for ■■■■■ sake - I’m suffering New Year withdrawal.


Full strength maybe misleading but I’d expect best available 18 to be on the field first bounce unless they want them coming in at half way.
There are more players on the interchange and fringe players will be included. With only 2 games I wouldn’t waste spots on people outside our top 32. Close to our best back six being out there is vital also spare midfielders to manage loads. Communication will be huge so I’d expect the leaders to all play.
However we may do all this in intra practice games. So we may see weaker side out there in JLT.


Lets just use the JLT games to get Shiel and Joe used to playing in the team that finished up in Round 23 2018 and make sure they continue on where they left off, or better ! I dont need to see the draftees playing. I will watch the VFL to see that.


Thing is, you’re not the coaches.
What you and I might want has no bearing on what happens.


Can someone start a happy clapper thread . You know, where were all write Ess-endon, Ess-endon, Ess-endon, Ess-endon, … except that would have no bearing on what happens either.


That is exactly why we have a forum like this to discuss what we believe and what we would like to see.


Yes it is.


I thought it was just to say “FarkCarlton “


There is alot expectations on Essendon to have a strong year and if we have an average JLT series the vultures will be out early.


I don’t give a ■■■■ about the JLT. I just want no injuries.
I’m sure other clubs won’t be caring at all about supposed statements in the JLT




Didn’t stop Richmond.

If we train and rehabed our players right over the pre season then the risk of copping injuries is reduced.


Nino you must be onto something 95%+ of the AFL doctors, physio’s, strength & conditioning coaches and other experts in that field aren’t clued into.

For some reason they taper loads / training to a player being at their best just before season proper, before the war of attritrition that is an AFL season begins.

Clearly doing it wrong it seems.

Must have them primed for & win JLT1.


During the JLT most players get a run, with the final game having a ear full strength team. What I want to see in both games is the game plan being executed correctly and pressure the whole game. I don’t care who they play, just nail this part.


Couldn’t caree less what the scavengers have to say. That applies here on BBlitz as much as the MSM.


Is this really the case since it changed to just 2 games last year? I thought a lot of guys didn’t get a run last year and just played VFL practice games instead


Yep, Langford was playing VFL from memory.


Can’t remember about game two, but Langford definitely played the first JLT game last year.


Didn’t he play very little game time in that?