Training report - Monday 2018-12-17


I keep seeing training report at the top of the list and think you beauty! They’re back.

But no.

It’s still the old one.


Yes. Was not a happy camper about that.


How many times do I have to tell you?!?

2018 is sooooooo last year.


The Langford played in and dominated the first VFL practice match… which was played directly after BLT #2, which may help explain some mis-memories. He got good game and midfield time in it, which was perhaps the point.

“4 The Langford — 100% midfield time bar one rest down forward early? Watching stoppages he absolutely plays a defensive role with body contact, but he still got a stack of clearances. Not that he was alone, Draper made it very easy for midfielders a lot of times.”


I know that some sage blitzers want him developed more organically, but Draper risks stagnating in the ruck in the VFL and ideally would have a taste of AFL, this year, to take his ruck craft to the next level when Belly needs a rest at least.

I understand he needs to establish a bit more around the ground and forward craft, so significant VFL development could still be useful for this, but I think we should be considering having him fully ready for the big dance in 2020, which means as much ruck time in the AFL that Belly will require to keep fresh at least, and if TBC goes down, a bit more, assuming Zlarke is the more well rounded option to progress through the season with towards finals and should do the bulk of the senior ruckwork if TBC is not fit.

But underestimate the Draper at your own peril, if he had to share a fair bit of the senior ruck load, I think he would thrive on it and it would inspire better all round craft in the VFL when he needed to play there.

He is physically ready for a baptism of fire if required and I think he would relish it.


I agree with this. I think in an ideal scenario, if Draper is fit right through 2019, then he needs 3 or 4 senior games. Then he should be ready to really hit the ground running in 2020.

It will be very interesting if he improves as much this year as he did last year. If he does, he’ll be mounting a serious challenge to Bellchambers for the number 1 spot at some point this year.


Seeing as we’re all bomber supporters on here (apart from that bread roll dork from Western Australia), how is writing him off going to result in our peril if he proves us wrong?




You have to allow me some dramatic license…