Training report - Monday 2018-12-17


Joe is ■■■■■■. Look at that leg extension. Pitiful.


move your head


full stride!

but not to capacity.


A pretty short and quuet session today. I’ll do a report in a couple of hours


I would imagine it will be on this Wednesday and Friday and then break for Christmas


Considering he was barely crabbing around the ovals doing laps of recent times, some striding out and kicking footy a huge positive.

Need him fit and firing at his finger twirling best


Surely by now after 4 weeks of preseason, some player is “training the house down”, "having a standout preseason, or “burning up the track” so in spite of all the hype about the Bombers 2019 campaign, about the only player who is showing something above and beyond is Jok. Somethings not right !


Mutch looks much improved, burning up the track


Is he much more physical at the man?


Shiel not training today…no alerts…just a pre-approved early get away


I think he will always be an outside guy who has plenty of guts…not scared to stand under the long ball.


He’s in Bali.


Training today did not include Stringer, Shiel, Bellchambers.

The most impressive over the off-season for mine has been McGrath. Looks fitter, faster and bigger. Able to make better use of his body in match play to go with what is obviously a good footy brain. I’m backing him to ride this season.

Noticed a drill where a defender had to negate a forward, to allow a third man in to spoil or mark the ball. Jok outmarked Hartley. Mozzie didn’t jump when he should’ve.

First look at the draftees. Mozzie reminds me so much of Walla. Such a natural footballer with spatial awareness, nice skills and deft movement. This was shown during contest work, where his energy and clean ball handling were really good. Still a lot of work to do in terms of building a tank (obviously), but a lot to look forward to.

Ham moves nicely, and is a nice kick. Didn’t see a great deal of Gown. I’m really excited to see Jok in a JLT or VFL games. So much to work with.

Ball movement again looked really good and fluent. D. Clarke appears to have improved his kicking. Draper is a unit.


He wouldn’t have gotten a holiday during the trade period, which is the player’s annual leave period.


7 white cones 1 yellow cone subliminal messaging at its finest!


Went to Noosa!


Apparently Myers has improved…


Could it be because he is suspended in some weird and warped time space continuum thingie, where when both feet are off the ground… something, something, something.


Myers did train Matt


He was very well disguised.

Thank you.