Training report - Monday 2018-12-17


That’s the joke.


What annoys me is that other coaches plan to stop blokes like Zac Merret when then they face Essendon.


thanks again nackers. surely @Riolio will give you some kind of Blitz award. youve been amazing with these reports


Fairfax can exclusively reveal a growing insurgence against the leadership at Essendon

Only now emerging from the drugs saga that brought the game into disrepute, embattled club Essendon…



Considering he fractured his ankle only 17 days ago, I’m surprised he’s not in a moon boot. Has to be a promising sign if he is mobilising at this stage.

EDIT: or have I fallen for another number swap?

Is that Gown? I’ve just spotted the dark long hair, I thought his posture and hat angle looked quite Redman though.

Was Jok not the only number swapper?


Pretty sure Redman doesn’t have a rats tail



He doesn’t have nearly that much hair full stop, I went too soon before looking at the picture properly.


Clearly a leg and hair transplant. Only logical explanation.


PM me.


Yes that was Gown. There were a few players with the wrong numbers and one or 2 I think with no numbers. I didn’t take notice of who they were.


All the pics from today’s session courtesy of the “The Franga Hanga” curated for your pleasure!

Part 1 of 2


Part 2 of 2


Gee Zach Merrett is looking more and more like Sam Mitchell in body shape every day.

Will become a premier inside clearance mid next year.


Let’s hope he turns out very little like Sam Mitchell


Cheers once again for the reports - love seeing the new kids out there getting involved!

Gown is friggin built for a 18 year old - is gonna be an absolute beast in a couple of years. I also reckon Houlihan and Mynott have really added some size to their frame this pre-season.

Agree with the sentiments above somewhere that Clarke could end up being an excellent tagger (if we ever were to start using one).

Random thought but it’s a real shame that the club website never posted any draft highlights of Jok.


Ok, Tulla grass conspiratorialists, what gives?



With school holidays in full swing these reports are like a farking candle in the dark… thank you.


Few of our younger brigade look like they have filled out.
Merrett, Daniher, Parish, Langford and McGrath all look significantly bigger.


They’re like a stream of bat’s urine?


Draper is one serious unit and he isn’t even in his final form.

I have a feeling Gown is gonna miss a few games through suspension in his career