Training report - Monday 2018-12-17


I would love to know what everyone in this picture is thinking


You’ve inadvertently hit the nail on the head. The photo tells us a whole lot of nothing about his condition except that he’s not in a wheelchair. How old mate could think it’s a good indication or representation of how Joe is progressing is pretty laughable. He’ll be ready when he’s ready.


China plates are fragile.



“Begin subliminal transmission. You shimmy left. I shimmy right. One two handball-then-shepherd. Then you kick the goal. End transmission.”


“Geezus, Franga. Don’t kill the kid.”


hmm need a more hurley’s mo and stringers bucket head.

but still. highlight of the session probably goes to Devons Quad.


Dyson Heppell ahead of Matt Guelfi.

Shaun McKernan.

Darcy Parish.

Matt Guelfi.

Tom Jok in hot pursuit of Brayden Ham.

Sam Draper shares the love with development coach James Kelly.

Sam Draper and Zac Clarke go head-to-head.

Matt Guelfi leads the chase ahead of Jordan Houlahan.

Tom Jok.

Assistant coach Hayden Skipworth with Brayden Ham.

Matt Guelfi and Andrew McGrath.

Kobe Mutch.

Jordan Houlahan.



Is that Truck in the orange vest? He’s thinking that Frang is going to demolish him.


Franga looks very much ready to go this season.


It’s amazing how much he’s changed his shape.


Frang for top 5 BnF finish Im puttin it out there if he can play a full season.


I’ll see that and raise you.
Frang a top 4 for me!




Mosquito won’t play every game this season



It might be a trick if the grass but it clearly looks like houlihan has a handful of guelfi’s jumper




Yeah, he’s starting to look like a triangle.


Mozzie Gives him a shake and bake and burns Francis.


Francis - “You are lucky your name isn’t Jaegar”